Code of Ethics

Ethics is a hot topic in the blogging world, so I’ve decided to put my code of ethics front and center. First I have included disclosures of any compensated relationships in the airline/travel industry. Then you will see details about my willingness to accept free or discounted products along with all offers, whether they have been accepted, and whether any blog posts were written about them. My goal is to be an open book here. You can always contact me with questions or comments at

Disclosure of Current Compensated Relationships

    • I currently have no equity holdings in any airlines

Historical Disclosures

    • I was compensated with options to serve on the advisory council for, but the company has dissolved
    • I was paid to write an occasional column for PlaneBusiness Banter from 2013 through 2015
    • My role on the advisory council for ended in June 2016.
    • I was paid to write a weekly column for the Intuit Small Business Centeruntil July 2015.
    • I stopped writing for Conde Nast Traveler in 2014.
    • Airbus sponsored a series of posts during the week of November 11, 2013. My interaction was limited strictly to their marketing agency.
    • On July 30, 2013 I agreed to accept 75,000 TrueBlue points to participate on the JetBlue New Onboard Experience Advisory Board. This panel never succeeded and the points were never awarded.
    • Credit card links were removed in 2012 and no further compensation will be earned.
    • I stopped writing for in 2012.
    • My contract to write the Headwinds blog for BNET ended in March 2011.
    • My consulting work for PASSUR Aerospace ended in August 2010.
    • My short term social media consulting project for Long Beach Airport ended in August 2010.
    • My content reproduction agreement with ended in March 2010.

Code of Ethics
For the purpose of this code, “free and/or discounted products and services” refers to anything offered to me for free or for a discount simply because of my status as a blogger.

    • When I write about free and/or discounted products and services, I will always disclose on this page who gave them to me, when they were given to me, and when I wrote about them. I will also include the discount amount offered in any post on the products/services.
    • I will always write the truth about a product or service regardless of whether it is good or bad. I will never trade favorable press for free and/or discounted products and services.
    • I will only accept free and/or discounted products and services if the people offering the product/service confirm that they have read this code of ethics and are willing to abide by the rules that have been set here.
    • Just because I have been provided with free and/or discounted products and services doesn’t mean I will write about them. The only criteria for determining whether or not to write about a product is if it will make for a compelling post, good or bad.

List of Offered Free or Discounted Products/Services
The following is a full and complete list of products/services with a value of over $50 that have been offered to me along with whether they were accepted or not. This list does not include invitations to events unless a free or discounted product or service accompanied that invitation.

Company Offer Date Accepted Blogged
Southwest Airlines Hawai’i Inaugural Flight 2/28/2019 No N/A
Virgin Atlantic A350 Reveal Event 2/25/2019 Yes In progress
Southwest Flight to Southwest Rally Las Vegas 2/8/2019 2/21/2019 In progress
Alaska Airlines Alaska upgraded Airbus event 1/28/2019 No N/A
American Annual leadership conference flights 1/23/2019 Yes 3/4/2019
Southwest Flights for Herb Kelleher Memorial 1/14/2019 Yes 1/24/2019
Virgin Atlantic Biofuel Demo Flight 9/21/2018 Yes (taken by correspondent) 10/11/2018

Spirit Orlando Media Tour 9/13/2018 No N/A
British Airways Celebration of 60 Years of Jet Service Over the Atlantic 8/31/2018 No N/A
Hawaiian Airlines Long Beach Inaugural Flight Invite 5/8/2018 Yes TBD
Air Canada Event in Toronto and Vancouver 4/5/2018 No N/A
China Eastern Trip to Bangkok 3/21/2018 No N/A
American Invite to Annual Leadership Conference 1/15/2018 Yes 02/27/2018
Korean Air Invite to Incheon Terminal 2 Opening 12/13/2017 No N/A
American Invite to Fly Snowball Express 11/29/2017 No N/A
Air Canada Invite to Roll-Out of New Premium Experience 11/16/2017 No N/A
United Airlines Invite to Final 747 Flight 09/18/2017 Yes (for another writer) 11/14/2017
British Airways Invite on 25th 787 Delivery Flight 09/06/2017 No N/A
Delta Air Lines Invite to Customer Experience Showcase 2017 08/29/2017 No N/A
Southwest Airlines Invite to 737 MAX Rollout 08/16/2017 No N/A
American Airlines Invite to Media Day 08/07/2017 No N/A
TAP Portugal Invite to Retro Livery Flight 06/26/2017 No N/A
American Airlines Invite to Flagship Dining Event 04/21/2017 No N/A
Alaska Airlines Milk Run from Anchorage to Seattle 04/08/2017 Yes 06/29/2017
Sabre Invite to Airline Technology Exchange 04/05/2017 Yes 05/18/2017
Delta Air Lines Invite to media day 03/30/2017 No N/A
Viva Air Invite to inaugural Viva Peru flight 03/29/2017 TBD TBD
British Airways Flight to London for BAinvesting4U Launch 03/20/2017 No N/A
Delta Air Lines Invitation to Delta Grammy Party 01/27/2017 Yes N/A
United Airlines 777-300ER Polaris Demo Flight 01/25/2017 No N/A
American Airlines Annual Leadership Conference 01/09/2017 Yes 02/07/2017
Grand Velas Riviera Maya Wendy Perrin WOW List Summit 12/01/2016 Yes 01/17/2017
Royal Air Maroc/The Moak Group 787 Delivery Event in Seattle 11/15/2016 No N/A
Delta Air Lines Havana Inaugural Flight 11/11/2016 No N/A
Alaska Airlines Flight to Merger Closing Event (if it happens) 11/10/2016 No N/A
Alaska Airlines Havana Inaugural Flight 11/10/2016 No N/A
Southwest Airlines, VisitBurbank, San Jose Airport, Sacramento 9 Airports, 1 Day adventure where swag was given at every stop (mostly small things, but VisitBurbank did give a night at the Burbank Marriott along with theme park tickets 08/09/2016 Yes 09/01/2016
Southwest Airlines Flights to Seattle For Rollout of New Interior 05/31/2016 Yes 08/16/2016
United Airlines Flights to NYC For Media Event 05/20/2016 No N/A
Wow Air Bristol Inaugural Trip from Baltimore to Bristol, UK 04/21/2016 No N/A
JetSuiteX Joyride Around LA 30 Minute Flight Around LA 04/13/2016 Yes but plane broke so never took flight 04/21/2016
Delta Media Day Flights and hotel 03/18/2016 No N/A
Allegiant Media Day Flights and hotel 03/07/2016 Yes but got sick so didn’t go N/A
American Airlines Upgraded paid return flight from DFW to LAX for speaking event 03/02/2016 Yes 03/15/2016
Expedia Invite to Expedia Partner Conference (flights/hotel/transport covered) 11/10/2015 No No
Qatar Invite to 787 delivery ceremony at Boeing 10/1/2015 No N/A
United New First Class seat rollout 08/27/2015 No N/A
Hawaiian Global Media Day 6/29/2015 Yes 10/22/2015
Frontier 21st Birthday Party Flight to Vegas 06/23/2015 No N/A
JetBlue Fly to NYC to meet with management 06/11/2015 No N/A
United Flight attendant training in Houston 06/10/2015 In progress TBD
WestJet Bombardier 500th Q400 Celebration 06/03/2015 No N/A
Emirates Airlines Inflight Preview of “Living in the Age of Airplanes” 3/23/2015 Yes (by Derek Pugh on behalf of Cranky) 04/21/2015
Alaska Airlines Technology Demo Flight 03/19/2015 No N/A
Icelandair Northern Lights Flights 02/02/2015 No N/A
American Airlines Leadership Conference 01/19/2015 Yes 3/3/2015
Etihad 787/A380 Launch Event in Abu Dhabi 11/26/2014 No N/A
Etihad 787 Delivery Ceremony in Seattle 9/15/2014 No N/A
Travelport Ignite Conference (paid for hotel only) 8/12/2014 Yes 11/10/2014
Southwest Southwest Media Day 8/12/2014 Yes 9/15/2014
ANA 787 Flight from Seattle 6/18/2014 No N/A
American Airlines Leadership Conference 5/30/2014 Yes 6/19/2014
Delta Air Lines Inside Delta Blogger Experience 4/25/2014 No N/A
Honeywell International Media Day 4/24/2014 Yes 5/22/2014
Hawaiian Airlines Visit to Headquarters in Honolulu 3/27/2014 Yes 7/7/2014
IATA Annual General Meeting 3/24/2014 No N/A
Silk Air 737 Delivery Ceremony in Seattle 1/20/2014 Yes 2/11/2014
United Airlines Visit to Reopening of Concourse E at SFO 1/18/2014 No N/A
JetBlue Airways Inaugural Wifi Flight 11/19/2013 No N/A
United Airlines Visit to Headquarters in Chicago 10/30/2013 Yes 12/12/2013
Turkish Airlines Flight for SocialTrippin Event 10/25/2013 No N/A
Qatar Airways Flight for oneworld Entry Ceremony 10/7/2013 No N/A
KLM New Business Class Seat Trip New York – Amsterdam 9/6/2013 No N/A
Air France Trip to Paris for New Coach Upgrade Announcement 9/6/2013 No N/A
Delta Delta Shuttle LAX-SFO flight 8/22/2013 Yes 9/26/2013
British Airways A380 Inaugural LAX to London 7/22/2013 No N/A
Korean Air All inclusive 72 hour trip to Korea 5/7/2013 Yes 6/10/2013
British Airways A380 delivery flight 6/10/2013 No N/A
US Airways Media Day and Leadership Conference Two roundtrips to Phoenix for US Airways events 3/12/2013 Yes 4/25/2013
Travelport and CAPA Trip to Dublin for Travelport meetings and CAPA conference 3/12/2013 Yes 4/16/2013
American LHR trip to experience new business class 3/5/2013 Yes 6/27/2013
Air New Zealand Inflight focus group 2/27/2013 No N/A
Farelogix Media Day air and hotel covered 1/2/2013 Yes 2/26/2013
British Airways BA Catchup and The Who Concert 12/27/2012 Yes None
Lufthansa 747-8 Media Trip to Frankfurt 12/11/2012 No N/A
Qatar Airways 787 Inaugural to Doha 10/23/2012 No N/A
Lenovo Yoga loaned for 10 days 10/18/2012 Yes 12/12/12
LAN 787 Inaugural 08/13/2012 Uninvited due to space limitations N/A
Southwest Trip to Oshkosh for AirVenture 06/28/2012 No N/A
British Airways Trip to London for Olympics 06/20/2012 Yes 08/07/2012
Southwest Trip to Cabo on inaugural flight from Orange County 05/16/2012 No N/A
Allegiant Air Paid speaking engagement at airports conference 03/29/2012 Yes 05/16/2012
Southwest 737-800 Inaugural 03/27/2012 No N/A
Air France FlyerTalk event in Paris 03/27/2012 No N/A
US Airways Flights to Phoenix for Media Day 03/07/2012 Yes 03/26/2012
Alaska Logo baby hoodie and onesie for my son 02/14/2012 Yes N/A
Alaska, Delta, JetBlue, Southwest Giveaways for Cranky 5 Year Anniversary 08/15/2011 Yes 08/16/2011
Emirates Flight to Dubai 07/14/2011 Yes 11/09/2011
TAAG Angola 777 Delivery Ceremony 06/03/2011 No N/A
American Airlines 737 Delivery Flight 05/17/2011 No N/A
Airline Passenger Experience Expo Flights and Hotel for annual convention in Seattle 04/15/2011 Yes 09/13/2011
Icelandair Media trip to Iceland 03/30/2011 No N/A
Lufthansa Trip to Frankfurt for A380 back to SFO 03/25/2011 Yes 05/12/2011
US Airways Flights to Phoenix for Media Day 02/28/2011 No No
American Bar Association Forum on Air & Space Law Flight for speaking engagement on US Airways 01/04/2011 Yes 02/28/2011
Air New Zealand Flight to Seattle and 777 Delivery Flight 12/07/2010 No 01/04/2011
British Airways Flight to London for BA Visit 12/02/2010 Yes 01/20/2011
Cathay Pacific Flight to Hong Kong for New Seat Event 10/27/2010 No N/A
Southwest Flights and Hotels at Southwest Media Day 10/14/2010 Yes 10/29/2010
Delta Flights to Atlanta for Headquarters Visit and Some Goodies from the Delta Museum 08/25/2010 Yes 9/1/2010
Southwest Flight to Chicago and then Oshkosh 07/14/2010 No N/A
LAN Trip to Peru for SFO Launch 05/10/2010 No N/A
US Airways Flight to Phoenix for Media Day 03/02/2010 Yes 04/29/2010
Denver International Airport Transportation and Hotel provided for State of DIA panel participation 01/28/2010 Yes 03/04/2010
Swiss Trip to Zurich for SFO Launch 02/23/2010 No N/A
Air New Zealand Trip to Auckland for media event 01/14/2010 Yes 01/25/2010
Milwaukee Airport Access to Midwest Best Care Club 12/08/2009 Yes 12/29/2009
Sony Two week loan of Vaio P Series laptop 11/04/2009 Yes 12/08/2009
United Airlines Last United 737 flight (to SFO) and return 10/27/2009 Yes 10/29/2009
JetSuite Private jet from Long Beach to Orange County 10/21/2009 Yes 11/2/2009
Row 44 Ride on wifi-equipped Grumman Albatross 08/25/2009 Yes 8/25/2009
British Airways Trip on new London/City to JFK service 05/06/2009 No N/A
Delta Air Lines Gift basket onboard for my brother’s engagement 06/30/2009 Yes 07/01/2009
Star Alliance Free Round the World trip 06/15/2009 No N/A
Southwest Airlines Transportation from LAX to Dallas and overnight stay – winner schedule planning competition 03/06/2009 Yes 04/03/2009
Nintendo Nintendo DS and Game 02/12/2009 Yes 04/03/2009
British Airways Free trip on OpenSkies and back 02/05/2009 No N/A
British Airways Free trip to opening of London/Heathrow Terminal 5 12/27/2008 No N/A
Pearl Resorts Discounted hotel stays in French Polynesia 07/24/2008 Yes 04/30/2009
Emirates Airlines VIP flight to nowhere on A380 07/09/2008 Yes 08/07/2008
Qantas/Airbus Flight to nowhere on A380 11/27/2007 Yes 11/30/2007
ExpressJet Free transportation for two from Ontario to Tucson 05/11/2007 Yes 05/14/2007
MAXjet Free roundtrip from LAX to London 05/10/2007 No N/A
ExpressJet/LAWA Dinner with ExpressJet executives 03/12/2007 Yes 03/16/2007
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