So you’re new to the blog? Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. Cranky Flier has been one of the most respected airline industry blogs since it started in 2006. That’s a lot of posts over a lot of years, so I’ve put this page together to help you find your way around.

About Brett Snyder
First, who am I? My name is Brett Snyder, and I am the only person who writes on this blog except for the very occasional (and well-marked) guest post. I’ve worked for several airlines, and you can read my full bio to find out more.

This Brett Snyder Cranky Flieris an opinion blog, and despite the name, it’s not a place where I whine about how bad airlines are. My industry background means I understand why airlines do the things they do (sometimes), and I try to explain the rationale. I don’t think the airlines are always right (far from it), but if you’re looking for a place where so-called consumer advocates complain about how airlines are evil and everything sucks… keep looking.

I take transparency very seriously, so I publish a full code of ethics which you might want to read through.

Posting Schedule
I’m not trying to break news here. This an opinion blog about the airline industry, so I find that regularly scheduled content suits my needs well. Posts go live at 3:45am Pacific Time as follows:

  • Monday – Regular post
  • Tuesday – Regular post
  • Wednesday – No post (with rare exception)
  • Thursday – Regular post
  • Friday – 3 links I like from the week
  • Saturday – Cranky on the web outside of the blog (if any)
  • Sunday – No post

Commenting on the Blog
I should note that I’m particularly proud that the comment sections on each post tend to be full of thoughtful and interesting discussion. I take pride in the fact that it’s not riddled with spam and anger, so please dive in and help keep it that way.

Regular Series
Though many of the posts here are just me talking about a variety of industry-related topics, there are some regular series that pop up. Below, you’ll see each of them with a link so you can get caught up.

  • Across the Aisle interviews – I’ve had the good fortune of interviewing executives from the around the industry and around the globe. In this format, I publish the transcript for everyone to see.
  • Airlines We Lost – At the end of each year, I put together a post of all the airlines that failed during that year. You can read all the archives for a trip down memory lane.
  • Airplane Porn – Admittedly I haven’t done one of these in a long time, but if there’s an interesting photo or new livery, I’d post it under this category.
  • April Fools – Since 2013, I’ve posted an April Fools joke that’s as realistic as possible to fool people. It usually works, and at least someone gets mad in the comments.
  • Ask Cranky – I get a lot of questions from readers, and I try to answer them all. The ones that I post on the blog will go under this category.
  • Cranky Jackass – When an airline does something really stupid, I call them out by awarding the Cranky Jackass award.
  • 72 Hours With – On rare occasion, I’ll go spend 72 hours with an airline. So far I’ve done this with United, Korean, and Hawaiian and the result is a multi-post series with fascinating content.
  • Tales From the Field – I support this blog without much direct revenue by running Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. Sometimes when we have an interesting situation, I’ll bring it over and tell the story here.
  • Trip Reports – Every time I fly, I post a trip report about the experience. These are generally well-read.
  • Who the F*&@ is – There are all kinds of new airlines popping up, and I profile some of them here.
  • Worst Airline Ever – Within a month of the blog starting, I named Alitalia the worst airline ever for being an incompetent business. Aerolineas Argentinas, Air India, and Mexicana have all taken a run, but it always comes back to my favorite Italian whipping boy.

Contact Me
If you don’t want to comment on the blog but want to reach me, that’s easy. I’m at or you can send comments via the tips page.

Thanks for reading the blog. I’m glad you’re here.

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