Tales From the Field

I find ethics to be very important, and that means I haven't tried to monetize this blog that way others might. It would be too much of a conflict of interest.

That reality made me think hard about what I could do, so I created Cranky Concierge air travel assistance. This business has done very well and that has allowed me to keep writing the blog. Every so often, we come across a problem with a client that I think is worth telling publicly. That's what you'll find in this section.

This, United, is Why People Hate Airlines (Tales From the Field)

It’s time for another Cranky Concierge client story, and this one is ugly. It’s a long read, so let me sum it up for you. We had clients going from Mumbai to Toronto. The first flight was canceled, then they were involuntarily bumped twice and given no compensation. United Customer

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