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Why Does United Change Its Flight Numbers So Often? (Ask Cranky)

It’s time for another Ask Cranky question, and you United frequent fliers will probably be very interested in this one.

Hey Cranky,

Really curious about something; hoping you can answer it on your blog (or otherwise).

Why does United have flight numbers that seem to change day to day /

Topic of the Week: Cuba is Coming

With the news that relations are finally thawing between the US and Cuba, you know airlines are starting to drool over the possibilities. There are already a bunch of charters between the US and Cuba today, but as things liberalize, we’ll see sustained scheduled service. I’m expecting we’ll eventually see …

Spirit Goes International From Houston, Steals Southwest’s Thunder

The ramp-up to Southwest flying internationally from Houston has been a long one with political drama and major construction. But as Southwest gets closer, Spirit has decided to get a head start. It’s launching a slew of international service in May which is bound to give a little heartburn to …

Why Do Airlines Make So Many Annoying Schedule Changes?

Over the last few years, it seems like airline schedule changes have become much more frequent. Now, on most US-based airlines, it’s extremely rare to book a flight and NOT have a schedule change. Why is this happening? My guess is that it’s all about efficiency… at the expense of …

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