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Why Do We Fly In High Clouds? (Ask Cranky)

This is a bit of a strange Ask Cranky in that it’s actually a question I’m asking myself. To pilots, this is an elementary question, but I’ve had this conversation with other window-seat lovers and they Ask Crankywant to know the answer as well.

I’m wondering why it is that when

How Weather Radar Works and How It’s Getting Better

I don’t like thunderstorms. Oh sure, they’re fine if you’re on the ground, but ever since a particularly nasty encounter with windshear in a severe storm flying into Charlotte back in the early 1990s, flying around storms has made me anxious. So when I went to visit with Honeywell back …

Topic of the Week: Winter Weather Sucks

I’m probably the only person in sun-soaked Southern California (it’s in the 80s today) who is really concerned about the snowy weather. We’ve been working basically nonstop at Cranky Concierge getting people rebooked since the beginning of the year as the airlines continue to see the south and east pummeled …

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