Cranky on the Web (January 27 – 31)

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What Happens When a Plane Freezes, and Why You Should CareConde Nast Daily Traveler
A little piece talking about why cold air doesn’t hurt airplanes, but it can snarl operations.

Southwest’s International Announcement Isn’t Really Big News. Here’s Why.Conde Nast Daily Traveler
Southwest finally announced international service, but it’s nothing new at all.

In the Trenches: Rethinking Our Pricing ModelIntuit Small Business Blog
I do this kind of thing a lot. This time, I’m thinking about per-person pricing.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (January 27 – 31)

  1. I know this must have been said before, but why didn’t Southwest just use the reservation system AirTran was using? Is controlling your own system still a cheap and good thing to do?

    1. David SF – Despite what others (and Navitaire) may say, I’ve been told repeatedly that the Navitaire system AirTran uses simply isn’t good at interfacing with other airlines. So if you want to work with others, it’s not the right system.

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