This Week on BNET (August 4 – 8)

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American’s Pilot Fighting for Compensation Restoration Once Again
Once again, American’s pilots are fighting for “compensation restoration,” but take a look and you’ll see a very flimsy and inaccurate argument.

Frontier Gets Another DIP Option
A couple weeks ago, it was questionable whether Frontier would find any financing. Now they have a second offer to help.

Delta Adds Wi-Fi, Cancels Freedom Air Flying
Yesterday, Delta said it would add wi-fi to its entire fleet, but also announced that it would be ending its regional agreement with Freedom Air.

Southwest’s Fee-Fighting Marketing Efforts
Southwest has really gone all out to promote its “no-fee” strategy. They’ve even brought in the Super Heroes. But will it work?

Northwest Writes Off Midwest Investment
Northwest has decided to write off its investment in Midwest. Is this an ominous sign for the little airline or is it just a clean-up exercise before Delta comes in?

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