Enter the Contest, Take a Survey, and Write Your Own Post


I know I usually don’t post on Sundays, but I figured this would be a good way to get some housekeeping items out of the way. If you’ve ever wanted to write your own post, skip to the last point for more info.

Enter the Contest
Just a friendly reminder that the contest to win an iPod Nano or a BottleWise Duo™ is halfway over. We’ve received more than 200 entries, but there is plenty of room for more. Submit your six word summary of the TSA liquid ban here.

Take a Survey
The Aircraft Interiors Expo – Americas is coming up next month, and they’re trying to get people to take a survey about what you like in an aircraft interior. The results will be announced at the show, so if you have the time (it’s not long), go here to take the survey.

Write Your Own Post
No, not here on Cranky, but the folks over at BNET are looking for guest posts. I write the travel blog over there, but you can write a post of your own. Read here for more details, and dive in! By the way, head over there and leave some comments for me. It gets lonely over there.

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3 comments on “Enter the Contest, Take a Survey, and Write Your Own Post

  1. > It gets lonely over there.

    I was tempted to leave comments on BNET a few times already, but each time decided it wasn’t worth my time to register for yet another account… Sorry!

  2. Oliver – Believe me, I understand. I’ve spoken to the overlords over there about this on multiple occasions, and I’m assured that things will get easier soon (I hope).

  3. Gahh! I just wrote a “lengthy” reply to your post there today, thinking that it suddenly *was* easier. Why? Because it said:

    You are currently a guest | Login?

    In other words, it allowed me to write the reply as a guest and seemed to just “offer” the Login option. Upon submitting my comment, the next page seemed to force registration (or login). No thanks.

    Fortunately I had copied the textarea. So this is what I was trying to say over there:


    There are some people who subscribe to the “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going” mantra. I suspect you’ll find this mostly in the US and it’s some sort of mis-placed patriotism.

    I do care about the aircraft type when I book a flight, but not the manufacturer. In United Economy, I’d rather be on a 777 than on a 747 (two seats by the window, greater pitch). In business class I’d rather be on a 747 if I can get a seat on the upper deck. On a narrow body I’d rather be on a UA Airbus than a UA 737 since they are slightly wider and much newer. Etc. etc.


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