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The Cranky Flier Interview #19: Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO Peter Ingram

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It’s time for another Cranky Flier Interview presented by Ontario International Airport. It’s a whole lot easier to do these interviews in person, so I was very pleased to have the chance to interview Hawaiian President and CEO Peter Ingram when I was in Hawai’i. You can listen below or download the episode.

[Disclosure: Hawaiian provided flights and COVID tests without charge for me and my wife]

Below, you’ll hear our half hour discussion about what’s happened in the last few months. We talked about how he thought about communicating with his employees, how relations with the state have actually improved through all of this, and what the future may bring.

I sat across from Peter in the airline’s board room. The offices seemed largely deserted with most people working from home. We started off with masks on until we were properly seated and distanced from each other. Then we took an awkward, yet appropriately-distanced photo after we finished up.

I hope to look back on this photo in 10 years and remember it as a quirk of 2020.

Listen to the interview now!

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