Five Airports, Four Islands, One Day of Hawaiian Flyin’ (Video)

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It’s Labor Day here in the US, and that means I usually don’t post. But I have such a backlog of things to push out there, I thought I’d put out a little video for you.

On August 7, I flew around Hawai’i touching every one of the big airports on Hawaiian Airlines.

[Disclosure: Hawaiian Airlines provided the flight]

I spent a lot of time on the ground in each spot, but for some of you, I know just seeing the takeoffs and landings is the highlight. So, here’s a 4+ minute video of that.

I apologize for some of the shoddy camera work. Hawaiian’s 717s are either dirty, scratched up, or both, and I never had a great view. I did my best to keep the camera in focus.

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5 comments on “Five Airports, Four Islands, One Day of Hawaiian Flyin’ (Video)

      1. The music is there, but very faint. The video’s default volume starts at 50%. I turned it up all the way, and turned my laptop volume to max, and I could there was some audio there but couldn’t really hear it.

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