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Cranky Dorkfest LAX is One Week From Today

Cranky Dorkfest

We are only one week away from Cranky Dorkfest LAX. I hope to see many of you there. As a reminder, Cranky Dorkfest has expanded this year. The morning airfield tour has filled up. We were able to expand from 50 spots to 100, but we still have more than 50 who didn’t make it. Hopefully we can make it happen again next year. And the evening LAX Progressive Dinner is all set with 10 lucky participants. But the main event… that’s where anyone can join. As always, there is no organization for that. It’s all about eating burgers, watching airplanes, and talking shop.

What: Cranky Dorkfest LAX 2019
When: Saturday, September 7 from 11a to 1p (though I always linger for awhile)
Where: The park across the street from In-N-Out Burger (9149 S Sepulveda Blvd near LAX)
Who: You and anyone else who wants to come by
Why: You should come for the planespotting, the burgers, and to talk shop in the California sun. But you may also want to come for the giveaways. As always, every attendee will get one ticket. Winners will be chosen randomly to get prizes ranging from models to lounge passes and probably even some free plane tickets. (Giveaways are subject to change.) We may also have a couple of special guests this year.
How: Get on an airplane, drive yourself up, hop in a rideshare, walk from LAX… that’s up to you

I hope to see everyone there. And remember, NYCAviation’s SpotLAX 2019 is being held the same weekend. Check out details here.

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3 comments on “Cranky Dorkfest LAX is One Week From Today

  1. Cranky, what is your best guess as to how many were at Dorkfest last year. ?

    Predictions of turnout this year. ?

    I will be there… first time.

    There are a bunch, including me, going to the NYC Aviation dinner at the Proud Bird, on Saturday night.

    Peter in Boulder, CO.

    1. Peter – I think we had about 150 last year. This year, who knows? We’ll have 100 at the airfield tour confirmed. I think we should easily match what happened last year at the very least.

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