A New Cranky Talk is Live – Brett Went to Hawai’i + Submit Your Questions

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Before I get into the details of this week’s podcast, we need your help. We would like to do a mailbag episode of the podcast, so please send us questions! Dave tells me that he’s willing to answer ANYTHING. Submit your questions here.

Cranky Talk – Brett Went to Hawai’i

This week’s Cranky Talk brings something that is NOT a sequel. I know, you’re all excited to hear that. Instead, Dave asks me about my trip to Hawai’i. What was involved in the process? What was it like to fly? Why is Dave so jealous? We stretch the limits of your attention span with this 22 minute podcast.

[Disclosure: Hawaiian provided flights and COVID tests for me and my wife at no cost.]

Download it here or listen below.

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6 comments on “A New Cranky Talk is Live – Brett Went to Hawai’i + Submit Your Questions

    1. Jay Lieberman – Please learn proper English before trying to correct others. Presumably you’re referring to this sentence:

      *[Disclosure: Hawaiian provided flights and COVID tests for me and my wife at no cost.]*

      This is the proper grammatical structure. You would not say “Hawaiian provided flights and COVID tests for I.” “Me” is the object of the sentence, so when you add “my wife” it remains as an object.

      Now, you could argue that I should have flipped the order to say “my wife and me” but that’s not a grammatical issue, just a conventional one that has no right answer.

      1. Look, grow up! You sound like an illiterate ninth grader. If you’re going to put out a piece of literature, please do it correctly. Your comments go all over the world, presumably, and the least you could do is use proper English.

  1. If you are really, really desperate for ideas, I’d love to hear some banter around your favorite airport codes… Not the usual “ORD comes from Orchard Field” stuff, but perhaps attempts to one-up each other with airport code related trivia/puns/one-liners. For example, “My flight from Charlotte to Pensacola had a lot of turbulence. You might say it was a kick in the pants.”

    On a serious note, you’ve had a lot of discussion on the air filtration and air quality on planes. How good is the water quality, such as the water used to brew coffee for pax?

    1. Kilroy – We aren’t desperate for ideas. We just thought it would be fun to do a mailbag episode since we know there are plenty of reader/listener questions out there.

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