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Why do Fares Change so Often? (Ask Cranky)

You know what time it is, kids? That’s right, it’s Ask Cranky time! (I need to get out more often.) There have been some great questions coming into the inbox lately. Please keep it up, as I’m always more than happy to answer them.

I’m traveling from ROA-SFO in

Jet America Officially Launches From Its Toledo Base

After some fits and starts, it appears that Jet America (or JetAmerica, they write it differently in different places) is actually going to get up and running. You can stop checking the calendar. It’s not April Fool’s Day. This airline is actually planning a Toledo base.

I honestly couldn’t …

Zeppelin Ride Above Long Beach (Trip Report)

It’s safe to say that I never expected to be able to ride in a Zeppelin in my lifetime. Actually, I didn’t even know they still made Zeppelins until recently, but sure enough they do. There are three of them flying in the world, including one that’s been Fly by Wirebased at

Zeppelin Porn: Zeppelin Visits Long Beach

It’s Memorial Day, and I’m not up for doing a full post today. We had a barbecue last night with a bunch of friends, and I’m exhausted. So instead, I thought I’d offer a slight twist on an old favorite. This time, instead of airplane porn, we have Zeppelin …

TSA Needs Your Exact Name When You Fly Now

The TSA is finally transitioning from airline handling of the watch lists to the long-delayed and oft-criticized Secure Flight program, and that means there will be some changes in the way you book your flight. Last week we saw the first change, and now you better be careful what name …

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