My United Credit is Expiring, Anyone in LA Want It?

Admin, United

United spent so much money sending me my $32.40 voucher in the mail that I’d hate for it to go to waste. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realize is that it expires this Saturday, May 23 and I don’t have any tickets to buy before then.

So, anyone want it? There’s only one problem. It says I have to be present to use this for someone else, so you’re going to have to be able to join me at LAX before Saturday to be able to use it. If you’re interested, send me a note at and we’ll see if we can find a time that works. First one to respond gets it.

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12 comments on “My United Credit is Expiring, Anyone in LA Want It?

  1. Nope, and I guess it’s not a surprise. Kind of a pain to go over to LAX and wait in line just for a $30 credit. But I figured I’d try. Maybe someone will want it before Friday.

  2. Since I am 12, i cant use the credit, but if no one wants it, ill take the big booklet and all for my aviation collection. always looking to add :)

  3. how about you take JetBlue up to SFO on Friday morning and meet me there. Gives you the chance to retest the TV system :)

  4. How generous of you Cranky. I once asked someone with a couple million NW miles if he could donate enough to me so I could get a free flight to Canada to visit family. He often talked about having so many miles he could never use them all. Well, he apparently didn’t want to use any of them. He wouldn’t separate with 50k of them to help me out.

  5. Dan – I’d hope that they wouldn’t charge the ticket counter fee since there wouldn’t be another way to handle this, but they very well might.

    Oliver – If I were going to do that, I’d just use my United credit to fly up there and enjoy the weekend!

    No takers yet.

  6. I’d take it but im scheduled to be in Seattle this weekend and then LA next weekend, so I’ll be in the right airport, just a week too late! (two east to west coast trips in a week,,, its gonna kill me)

    Ya can’t find a quick cheap trip to go on Brett?

  7. I’d take it — I’ll be at LAX tomorrow morning (I’ll by flying to NRT with Korean) and could make good use of the voucher — I’d use it towards a ticket to TUS in early/mid June. Just drop me an e-mail if you still want to get rid of the voucher (+ have time to meet me at LAX tomorrow morning).

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