My United Voucher Gets Put to Good Use

Admin, United

I’m happy to report that I did find someone to use my $32.40 voucher on United before it expired tomorrow. Hooray! And here’s proof:

Christian with Voucher at LAX

Christian has been reading Cranky for about two years, and he just happened to be flying out of LAX on Korean this morning. I had a lunch meeting near the airport, so we met up at Terminal 7 before his flight to make it happen. We waited a few minutes in line while they found an agent to handle ticketing, and then it took only a couple minutes to issue Christian’s ticket to Tucson for less than he would have paid on Southwest. And yes, the ticketing fee was waived since this was the only way to issue a ticket using the voucher.

I’m very glad someone was able to put this to good use.

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2 comments on “My United Voucher Gets Put to Good Use

  1. Here in Columbus There is a radio station that has morning team with a sarcastic slogan of “People Helping People”. Kinda fits although no sarcasm. Ain’t the interwebs cool?

  2. Dave – Yep, you gotta love the magic of the interwebs. Otherwise this voucher would have just expired and been wasted.

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