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Are US Airways/Delta Anti-Trust Concerns Valid?

Now that it’s been a few days since the merger was announced, I thought I’d back up and take a look at the most questionable part of the deal – whether or not it would pass anti-trust review.

If you assume that the shareholders are motivated by how they can …

Oops, I Crapped My Pants

Saturday Night Live fans will get the title reference, but this story is actually no laughing matter.

Back in July, a departing United 737 and an arriving Atlas Air (cargo) 747 at Chicago/O’Hare were said to have missed each other by 300 ft. The NTSB has now come out saying

Listen, Listen to the Music

ipodYeah, it’s a crude drawing, but I think you get the point. It’s time for iPod + airplane.

Apple announced that they will be partnering with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to let customers use their iPod with existing inflight entertainment systems. Customers will be able to …

Quick Quiz: Which US Airline is Biggest?

Of course, there are a million ways to answer that question. You could look at available seat miles, revenue passenger miles, number of flights, number of planes, etc. In most metrics, American is still the largest US airline, but if you look at total number of passengers, Southwest has now …

The Southwest Schedule Shuffle

Southwest made a big schedule change today, and I think it’s worth analyzing a little further. First, the basics. From the press release, these flights all begin on March 11:

New Flights:

  • Baltimore/Washington to Pittsburgh 3x daily
  • Birmingham to Dallas/Love Field 2x daily
  • Reno to San Diego 2x daily

Hawai’i Update: Slurs are Fun!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sent out an update on the fight in Hawai’i. Things certainly haven’t quieted down at all.
go! continues to flounder. Even with really cheap seats, the airline only managed to fill 62.9% of seats in October. That isn’t going to get them even close to

US Airways Wants to Super Size with Delta

dl-usDid I say that Frontier/AirTran deal was big news yesterday? Um, I take that back. Today’s news is much bigger than that. US Airways launched an $8 billion takeover bid for Delta this morning, and Delta management isn’t happy.

Here are the basics. US Airways says it will offer $4 …

Frontier and AirTran Sitting in a Tree . . .

Greetings from the PhoCusWright conference here in LA. It’s nice to be a conference and still be able to sleep in my own bed at night. If you’re here, please come say hello.

I hadn’t planned on writing much today, but this place has wireless throughout and there was some …

The New BA Club World Seat

British Airways announced the newest version of their Club World (business class) seat today, and it does look impressive.

The biggest change is that the seat is now 25% wider. I believe that makes it 25″ instead of the 20″ that is currently offered. They also have full audio/video on …

A Belgian Wedding

The Belgian air scene has been an absolute mess for the last few years, but it finally looks like some sanity will be arriving thanks to a merger between the country’s two largest carriers.

For years and year, Sabena owned the skies over Belgium. That airline had an extensive network

Now That’s Flexibility

Airline operations are no simple thing. Almost everyone has had that painful moment sitting in one airport with clear blue skies while being told that the flight is delayed due to weather . . . or crew . . . or maintenance . . . or, well, you get the …

“Go Blue” Gets the Cranky Jackass Award

jackassThe marketing minds at JetBlue must not understand the whole college rivalry thing, because their latest promotion is definitely not the brightest idea around.

JetBlue’s brilliant idea was to go to college campuses and make students wear blue and yell “Go Blue” to win free plane tickets. Sounds like a …

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