Delta Change – Better Late Than Never


Well, it took them 15 days, but I finally received the following email from Delta yesterday:

Hi Brett,

We think the idea you sent us was excellent. In fact, it’s being featured along with other member ideas at this week. Be sure to check it out, and thanks for sharing.

We’re really looking forward to your participation in our new online community forum launching mid-summer of this year.



Yes, I got a response from Delta about the suggestion I submitted to their new change site. See my previous post for some background. Fifteen days is hardly a respectable turnaround time, but I guess it’s better than nothing.

I’m not sure if this means that they’re actually planning on rotating comments in and out each week, but at least for now, my name is up in lights. I’d post a link, but that’s not possible with their current setup, so instead I’ll leave you with this screen shot.

07_05_23 deltachangerfid

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