3 Links I Love: Real (Not Conspiracy Theory) 5G Problems, Roasting Doug, Christmas Miracle, and Basic Makeover

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What you need to know about 5G interfering with aircraftTPG
These seems highly concerning. As new higher frequency 5G bands get ready to flip on in January, the FAA remains unclear about the potential interference with radio altimeters. Fortunately those don’t do anything… oh wait. (See the ADs here.)

Video(s) of the Week

I was wondering when this would come out. At the Wings Club event honoring outgoing American CEO Doug Parker, outgoing Southwest CEO Gary Kelly sent this video of him and his band proving they are indeed very, very Texan.
It’s time for another WestJet Christmas Miracle. At first, I thought… Cancun? That’s weird. But, well, you’ll see where this goes. I love these videos.

One for the Road

Delta to update policy and add more flexibility to Basic EconomyDelta Professional
Delta decided to add changeability to Basic Economy, but by doing that it had to find another way to differentiate, so it cut back on mileage earning opportunities. I can’t say I really understand this in the domestic realm when nobody else allows it, but internationally I can see the rationale since others do allow changes. Still, it just erodes the whole point of Basic Economy.

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13 comments on “3 Links I Love: Real (Not Conspiracy Theory) 5G Problems, Roasting Doug, Christmas Miracle, and Basic Makeover

  1. The Gary Kelly tribute song was great. I don’t follow him or Doug very closely, but I appreciate the WN team showing some class and putting a lot of time and creativity in their efforts to praise a long-time competitor.

  2. Regarding the radio altimeter thing… I really hope a bored reporter from a tabloid or cable news show doesn’t come across that, as it has “alarmist, overblown news piece to get eyeballs and scare people away from flying on a slow news day” written all over it once the (non-aviation focused) broader media outlets hear of it.

    1. Interesting how Europe has had this figured out for years and yet, suddenly we think it’s an issue? It’s cute how the FCC and FAA can’t get their act together.

      1. Europe isn’t using cell phone bands as close to the frequency used by the nav equipment, that’s why… We have a gazillion phone companies vying for frequencies – Europe’s are more locked down.

  3. Since Fridays are the potpourri, anything goes day, I’d like to reach out.

    My wife would love to make a trip to Ireland. Departure point would be FAT (Fresno). For her and one of her sisters, A sort of getaway (I have no interest in going, but it would mean a lot to her). I’m thinking a 4-7 day trip.

    I understand you do concierge/booking service. She likes to book Expedia and other third party sites, which I do not trust. I have no problem paying a couple hundred extra bucks to know we have have a single point of contact in the event of any issues or problems to get them quickly resolved. Insurance, if you will.

    Looking to go sometime this spring. She is not loyal to any particular airline.

    So balance of best airfare and your backup concierge service. FAT-DUB (via???).

    I’d like to buy this for her, for Christmas. For travel sometime in the Spring. Mar-May.

    What can you do for us?

  4. I saw the “roast” video for Doug, but didn’t get the jokes or know the people in it. It would be nice if there was an annotated version. I also get that I’m not the audience for this video, so I may never know…

  5. Curse you, WestJet! I literally cry at those ads every year, even though I know exactly what’s going to happen every single year.

    Airlines really do bring people together and it’s beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  6. I’ve been following the 5G thing from the tech side.

    The FAA is overreacting since they’re burnt over the whole 737Max debacle.

    Many former FCC chairs have called out the FAA’s handling of this issue of being irresponsible.

    The same equipment is flying in Europe with cell service deployed in the same of not closer frequencies. If there was a real world problem it would’ve been found.

    The FAA needs to back down.

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