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Worst Airline in the World 2006


I must admit that I’m a big fan of Countdown with Keith Olbermann. So, I’ve decided to take a page from his playbook for my final post of 2006. Without any further delay, I present this year’s Worst Airline in the World.

worsergThe bronze goes to Varig, an airline which…

Airlines We Lost in 2006

As in most years, there were a whole slew of airlines that went under in 2006. There were large ones and small ones, old ones and new ones. Some of them were well known while others were gone before you even knew they existed. While many if not all of …

Housekeeping and Strange Feeds

I’ve been doing some housekeeping by transferring my images to a different location for all previous posts, and that has caused my RSS feed to go a little crazy. See, each time I save the post with the new image location, the feed seems to treat it like a brand …

Slappy McSlapper

SlapIt’s a sad, sad day when a drunk guy gets cut off. It’s even more sad when the genius tries to show his displeasure by smacking a fellow passenger.

Amazingly, this is exactly what happened on a flight today, according to CNN. A guy was traveling on US Airways …

The Freedoms of the Air

When I get into dork mode, I often start speaking in crazy airline language that few of my friends understand. One of the things that has confused many a person over the years is my reference to the Freedoms of the Air. So for those people who look at me

TSA Censors Nudie Pics

backscatter2Remember those nudie pics I blogged about before? Well, it looks like they won’t be making their way to your nearest airport anytime soon.

Now it appears that the TSA has paid the company which manufactures the “backscatter” x-ray machines $722,000 to display only “cartoon-like black-and-white outlines” of each person.…

Virgin America Goes Up . . . Must Come Down

It’s been a good news/bad news kind of week for Virgin America. (UPDATE – it’s all bad news now. The application has been rejected. See bottom of this post for more.)

On Friday, the airline officially passed the FAA’s airline certification review, so it’s now considered fit to fly. You’d …

Trip Report: Indy for Christmas

I made it back last night from the second annual Christmas trip to see my girlfriend’s family in Indianapolis and all went well. Tickets were over $500 roundtrip when we started looking a few months ago, so it took a little creativity to get the price down. We took US …

Random Bits of Info – Hooray!

There seem to be a lot of stories today that I’d like to talk about, but as I wrap up work and get ready to head out of town, I thought I’d better just summarize . . .

  • London Fog – The mythic London fog apparently isn’t just a rumor

Midwest Making Changes

Midwest announced a few changes today, but I don’t think these are related to AirTran’s bid to take them over. Instead, I think this has been in the works for quite some time.

Before we get into the changes, let’s talk about how Midwest is currently set up. From their
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