TSA Censors Nudie Pics


backscatter2Remember those nudie pics I blogged about before? Well, it looks like they won’t be making their way to your nearest airport anytime soon.

Now it appears that the TSA has paid the company which manufactures the “backscatter” x-ray machines $722,000 to display only “cartoon-like black-and-white outlines” of each person.

That certainly appeases the privacy folk (I hope), but now it puts into question the usefulness of the machine. With a blurred cartoon-like outline, will you really be able to see up close everything you’d need to see? I’m not so sure.

I’m personally willing to sacrifice my personal privacy for something like this as long as sufficient steps are taken to prevent the images from making their way outside of the security screening process and into the wrong hands. Apparently the TSA doesn’t think it’s worth the fight at this point, so hopefully this doesn’t compromise the accuracy of the technology.

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  1. It’s only a matter of time until this technology makes it’s way into camcorders. At which point a new market in porn opens up.

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