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SlapIt’s a sad, sad day when a drunk guy gets cut off. It’s even more sad when the genius tries to show his displeasure by smacking a fellow passenger.

Amazingly, this is exactly what happened on a flight today, according to CNN. A guy was traveling on US Airways from Washington/National Airport to Fort Myers (Florida). When the flight attendants cut him off and refused to serve him more alcohol, he apparently flipped out.

Now, I’m not sure what would possess someone to slap a nearby passenger for no reason. Maybe our hero thought his fellow passenger was hiding liquor, and he felt compelled to beat it out of him. Either way, he’s probably not so bright.

It just sounds even more sorry when we find out that the man the person slapped was . . . an armed air marshal working the flight. Ouch. Needless to say, the man was “detained” which hopefully means he was handcuffed and thrown into the lav. And in case you were wondering, he will be charged with interfering with a flight crew.

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1 comment on “Slappy McSlapper

  1. I seriously laughed out loud after reading this, the airline must have had excellent service to get this guy drunk, Im lucky if I can catch a buzz on a 5 hour flight :)

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