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Union-Vote Rule Change: Bad News for Non-Union Delta, JetBlueBNET
The National Mediation Board made some rule changes recently and it may be causing some airlines to sweat.

Southwest Airlines’ March Meltdown — Less Than Meets the EyeBNET
Southwest had a rough March, but it hardly means that things are heading south.

How will the new United-Continental treat customers?Cleveland Plain Dealer
I talked about some of the issues that the combined United/Continental will face (in the infobox) on the side.

AirTran-Frontier: Once Friendly Airlines Are Now Kicking, Gouging EyesBNET
The hammer has finally dropped. The once-cozy AirTran-Frontier deal is now over. It’s been fun to watch the fight.

spice up your
If you’re traveling for your wedding, it can’t hurt to try to get some perks.

Mesa Air Group Loses Battle with Delta, and US Airways Must be SmilingBNET
Mesa’s contract with Delta is toast, and that means US Airways has even more leverage.

Spirit Airlines: Why a Threatened Pilot Strike Could Take the Company DownBNET
Not quite as dramatic as the title would suggest, but a strike threat at Spirit is a bigger deal than at a larger airline.

United-Continental Merger: Continental Is Taking the Reins, No QuestionBNET
Another clue about the leadership team at United/Continental is out there. There is no trace of United President John Tague on the integration team.

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When you board, mention to the flight attendant that you’re getting married and you might find yourself with an embarrassing PA announcement and a complimentary glass of champagne. If there are empty seats, on rare occasions, you might find yourself bumped up front.

Upgrades are something you “purchase” or “earn”. It’s not simply given away. MOST airline employees have to “pay” for upgrades and so should you, married or not.



Do you care to comment on the factual issues surrounding the Mesa/Delta lawsuit? According to Mesa, the lawsuit stems from NYC performance… where Mesa canceled flights at Delta’s request. At first, the judge agreed with Mesa, but now, he changed his mind. What happened? I’m really curious.