Monthly Archives: March 2015

Delta Keeps Its Seattle-Haneda Flight But It Can No Longer Squat On It

An interesting decision came out of the Department of Transportation (DOT) last week in regards to the fight over Delta’s Seattle-Haneda flight. In short, DOT said Delta could keep it, but only if it actually flew it. I like the decision.

DOT Scolds Delta

Here’s a little backstory here for those who don’t …

Why Does United Change Its Flight Numbers So Often? (Ask Cranky)

It’s time for another Ask Cranky question, and you United frequent fliers will probably be very interested in this one.

Hey Cranky,

Really curious about something; hoping you can answer it on your blog (or otherwise).

Why does United have flight numbers that seem to change day to day /

The Big US Carriers Are Just Begging for Competition

Every time I hear airlines talk about capacity constraint, my mind drifts to small town England. It’s not a real small town, actually. It’s the fictional small town of Sandford from the movie Hot Fuzz. The local Neighbourhood Watch Alliance there is a secret society that does despicable things …

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