In the Loop Radio Guest and This Week on BNET (July 6 – 10)

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I’m hijacking my usual “This Week on BNET” post with a brief plug. Minnesota Public Radio puts out a weekly podcast called In the Loop, and I was one of the guests for this week’s production. I usually do interviews on the phone, but this time I went downtown to record in a radio booth where they record NPR’s Marketplace. That means you get to hear my voice in all its crystal-clear glory.

We talked about the latest fun with Ryanair, Wizz Air’s busted promotion, and of course, United breaking guitars. Take a listen for yourself. My piece starts at 18:30 if you want to skip ahead, but it’s a fun show that’s worth listening to the whole way through.

Why is Delta Getting More MD-90s?
Delta is acquiring more MD-90s, and I can’t quite figure out why they’re doing it.

Spirit is Not Buying Air Jamaica
It’s rumored that Spirit is buying Air Jamaica, but that’s not true. There could be some unique opportunities ahead, however.

US Airways Sees Further Unit Revenue Erosion in June
June numbers are starting to trickle in, and US Airways appears to have had a rough June.

Official: Boeing Buys Vought’s 787 Operation
Last week it was a rumor, and this week it’s official. Boeing is bringing some 787 work in-house.

United Feels the Pain When Complaints Go Viral
United broke Dave Carroll’s guitar and they wouldn’t pay for it. Now he’s written a song and it’s gone viral. United can’t be happy.

June 2009 Monthly Traffic Numbers
June was a mixed bag for the airlines with some improving loads and others falling back. One constant theme, however, was lower capacity.

Virgin America Gets New Funding
Meet Virgin America’s new investors, same as the old investors? What’s going on here?

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3 comments on “In the Loop Radio Guest and This Week on BNET (July 6 – 10)

  1. Your estimate is pretty good ! If carrying a guitar on a flight, Ryanair charge US$50 per one-way only if booked in advance. If you want to pay at the airport, it costs more

  2. I just have to correct you as someone who works in public radio: It’s not “NPR’s Marketplace.” Marketplace is produced by American Public Media and has very little to do with NPR except that you hear it on public radio stations that may also broadcast NPR programs. So you could call it “APM’s Marketplace” or “public radio’s Marketplace” and either would be correct.

  3. Yes, thank you Suzy. I put NPR in there, because I figured that’s what people would know. If I said APM’s Marketplace, most people probably would scratch their heads, I think. But yes, let me clarify here to give more credit where it’s due. It comes from KPCC 89.3 here in LA. That is a station owned by American Public Media, and they do a fantastic job with it.

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