This Week on BNET (May 11 – 15)

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ExpressJet To Fly 10 Planes for United This Summer
Looks like ExpressJet is flying for United this summer, and it seems like a win-win for everyone considering the circumstances.

Delta Pulls Out of Boston – Baltimore Route
That didn’t take long. Delta is pulling out of the Boston-Baltimore route, but can the remaining three make a living on their own? I doubt it.

Hearings on the Buffalo Q400 Crash Begin Today
The hearings on the downed Q400 begin today, and fingers look to be heading toward Colgan’s training and the pilot onboard.

Virgin America Shows Worse Q4 Numbers Excluding Lower Fuel Prices
Low fuel prices made Q4 look better for Virgin America, but don’t let that fool you. This wasn’t a great quarter.

Virgin America Posts Low January Load Factors
Part 2 of my Virgin America review looks at the low load factors that plagued the airline in January.

Digging in to Virgin America’s Q4 Operational Stats
This is the last post on this for awhile, I promise. But I decided to dig in to operational stats and the results told some interesting tales.

Former America West Pilots Win in Court Ruling Over Legacy US Airways Pilots
We may be one step closer to seeing the US Airways/America West seniority problem solved, but not quite. The old US Airways pilots are going to appeal. *sigh*

Spirit Wants People To Know Who They Are
You know who Spirit is? If so, you might not like them. They’re trying to change that, but not by improving customer service. Just by talking.

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2 comments on “This Week on BNET (May 11 – 15)

  1. So… are you guessing that it’s either a profitable quarter or bust for VX in ’09 (and quite possibly bust)?

  2. eponymous – I would never bet on them going bust simply because I think Branson really wants to make this work. At some point, he might decide to cut his losses, but until then he will do anything he can to get people to keep it afloat. So I would never count them out.

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