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Last Chance to Help Cranky Win a Travvy

07_02_28 voteforcranky2

This is the last day of voting for the Travvy awards, so please head on over to Upgrade:Travel Better to cast your vote if you haven’t done so already.

Voting ends at 6p Central Standard Time today, February 28. For the time-zonally challenged, let me spell that out for you. …

A380 Coming to LAX

I know where I’ll be on March 19. Airbus has buckled under the pressure from Qantas and LA World Airports and announced it will bring an A380 to LAX on the same day it brings one to JFK.

The initial announcement said that Airbus would bring the plane to JFK, …

A Concorde Go-Around

There are thousands and thousands of videos on the web showing airplanes landing, taking off, going around, etc. Generally, even I don’t find these that interesting to watch, but this one is great. It’s a short, 32 second video of a Concorde descending in a crosswind and then aborting the …

LAX Meets Hollywood – Bradley Terminal Goes Under the Knife

07_02_27 TBIT I’d guess that just about everyone in Hollywood has some sort of work done before they turn 25, and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) at LAX is no exception. Yesterday, ground was broken on a renovation project almost 23 years after the terminal opened.

TBIT, as shown on the

American Tries to Capitalize

06_02_26 nycWho wants to guess that last Thursday’s announcement of American’s “New York Initiative” was coincidentally timed shortly after JetBlue’s problems? Me neither. I can’t imagine it was a coincidence.

New York has been a battleground for a long time. Besides JetBlue’s substantial flying, Delta has tried to grow its JFK …

Adam Air Gets Bent

It’s a rare weekend post for me, but I thought this was worth it.

Remember Adam Air? The Indonesian airline had a 737 go down off the coast of Indonesia in January. Well, now they’ve had another, um, incident. Another 737 came in for a hard landing in Surabaya, and …

Business Week Hates JetBlue

It’s definitely been a bad couple of weeks for JetBlue. I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing about them by now, but I feel compelled to DEFEND the airline.

This week, Business Week was coincidentally scheduled to release its rank of the top 25 customer service firms. JetBlue was #4. …

For US Airways, March 3 is More Than National Anthem Day

07_02_23 ussabreIf you’re flying US Airways the first weekend of March, you’ll want to read this.

I’ve received confirmation from their PR team that Saturday, March 3 will be the big day where they standardize the combined airline on a single reservations system. This is an important step for the airline, …

New Super Happy Fun Long Haul Routes

It may not be cool to everyone (despite my title), but a handful of new long haul routes have been introduced lately, and I think it’s worth a post. Here they are in no particular order (ok, it’s actually the order the stories were opened in my browser’s tabs).

  • This

What is That Noise?

If you’ve flown on an Airbus narrowbody (A318/A319/A320/A321) or an A330, you’ve definitely heard the sound that makes you think something is horribly wrong, especially if you’re sitting near the wing. As you wait to take off, you look out the window expecting to see this:


But don’t worry, it’s …

Vote for Cranky!


I was honored to find out that I am one of the top 5 finalists for two Travvies this year. So, now it’s your turn to help me win. Here’s how you can help.

1) Go over here to vote for Cranky before 6p CST on February 28.

2) Vote …

“Controllable Irregularities” Might Require Pepto Bismol

The JetBlue Customer Bill of Rights has now been out there for over a day, and there is a lot of buzz about it. Unfortunately, most of the buzz is on defining the oft-used term “Controllable Irregularity.”

controllableSee, JetBlue will give you vouchers if you are delayed or canceled but …

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