A380 Coming to LAX

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I know where I’ll be on March 19. Airbus has buckled under the pressure from Qantas and LA World Airports and announced it will bring an A380 to LAX on the same day it brings one to JFK.

The initial announcement said that Airbus would bring the plane to JFK, Dulles, and Chicago/O’Hare on behalf of Lufthansa. Well, Qantas wasn’t too happy about that, and they wanted to see the plane come to their huge LAX operation. Meanwhile, LAX said that Airbus had promised the airport the first visit in the US if they completed the upgrade work necessary to allow the A380 to operate. Well, they did, and now they’re getting their way.

I haven’t seen any details, but with any luck they’ll land on the north runways. I’ll be sitting at In ‘n Out watching if that’s the case.

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2 comments on “A380 Coming to LAX

  1. This is just a larger version of the flimsy, explosive design we’ve been forced to fly in for over 50 years. Accidents happen and the A380 has no exemptions from them. Denial that it will happen is just wishful thinking and when one of these does go down you can kiss a whole small town goodbye. Just a tragedy waiting to happen. Thank God it’s been delayed for so long and orders have dropped off significantly. If you have to fly one of these cracker box jumbos, fly the 747.

    Titanic? Most assuredly, but only half the number of people will die in it’s crashing as did in the Titanic’s sinking. They hopefully won’t suffer as long though.

    Wouldn’t it be great to fly in a plane that would take off and land at just over 100 mph, carry at least 2 times the load of a commercial airliner (like the 747) with the same fuel economy, walk away from a crash instead of explode into flames from a runway overrun?

    The A380 ain’t it. I’ve already seen some pretty violent tail strikes and scary take-offs by this plane. They’re all on U-Tube. Take a look.

    Visit http://www.aircrash.org and find out about Vincent Burnelli’s airfoil, lifting fuselage and give them your support for a safer, more economical, eco-friendly aircraft. Just Google “Burnelli” images and see what I’m talking about. Google the 1964 GB-888A jet airliner design. It is unbelievably modern and could have carried 600 safely back then.

    Its predecessor, the UB-14 crashed violently in 1935 with 7 aboard. All was caught on film. There was no fire and all 7 walked away, unhurt. Their survival was not by chance but by design. The comments about this plane are not my opinion, they are facts from past flight and wind tunnel testing and from the documented, proven history of safety and performance.

    Some of us who have found this better, safer, more intelligent and most of all “proven” design are working for its revival and construction for commercial use. Join in. Every person can make a difference if they believe they can. Reduce the risk of flying, reduce the stress of flying and reduce the huge carbon footprint made by all existing airliners including the A380. Go to the aircrash site now and see what you can do to help in this effort.

  2. I have recently read almost all there is to read about Burnelli, his designs and political problems, especially the unfortunate incident with Roosevelt.

    There are many who present the pros and some the cons, but I’m convinced that the world is poorer because a politician wouldn’t take the word of his expert, General Hap Arnold.

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