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Baby Served Well Done

babybinIf it’s December, it’s time for the infrequent travelers to come out of the woodwork and make their annual pilgrimmages home for the holidays. Flying can be a tough things these days even for those who know what they’re going, but for those who don’t, it’s really intimidating.

LAX found …

Delta Fights Back


Who’s ready for a good old fashion duel? Apparently US Airways and Delta are, because that’s what it’s come down to. Today, Delta issued a barrage of press releases that basically told US Airways to go away. They have a better plan.

Think I’m kidding about it being a barrage? …


air gumboWhen was the last time you said to yourself, “Hey, I sure wish there was an airline that served gumbo onboard”?

I’m just going to take a wild guess and say . . . never. Despite that, Air Gumbo has been in the works for quite a long time, and

The End of Air Madrid?

air madridDoes this guy look happy to you? Actually, does this guy even look alive to you? I’m guessing he’s just sleeping after the endless delays caused by the shutdown of Air Madrid over the weekend.(Photo credit: Bernat Armangue / AP)

Air Madrid is (was?) a low cost long haul airline …

Creepy Thread

Here’s a creepy thread from for you.

The original post, which was made on November 30, 2000, asked what the chances are that the World Trade Center could survive a 767-300 ramming into it. Reading through the responses make you realize how much the world of flying has changed. …

Airplane on a Treadmill

treadmillI can’t believe that this has actually turned into such a huge thing.

The question of the month appears to be this. If you put an airplane on a treadmill and get it going really fast (working up a heck of a sweat, mind you), will it eventually take off?…

Rep Oberstar Against Mergers

It sounds like some bad news is on the horizon for all the potential airline mergers out there. Rep. James Oberstar (D-MN) has publicly come out against all major airline mergers. Normally, that wouldn’t matter, but Oberstar is the next chairman of the House Committee on Commerce and Transportation, so …

JetBlue Pulls Out More Seats

Some of the JetBlue veterans may remember the dreaded row 27 from a few years ago. On the A320s, row 27 was the very last row. It was right in front of the lavs, it didn’t recline, and it had a slightly less amount of legroom. Customers complained enough that …

Alitalia Strikes Again

alitaliaYou’d think I’d be over this whole “Alitalia sucks” thing by now, but I just can’t get beyond it. It’s been at least a few weeks since Alitalia’s last strike, so you knew that it would be time for another one, especially with the holidays coming up.

According to their …

Airplane Porn: New Cardinals Colors

Thanks to the excellent Phoenix spotting site, we have some early images of US Airways’ new Arizona Cardinals plane.


The one on the left is 757-200 (ship N908AW) in the old America West colors – one that was always one of my favorite theme planes. That plane has …

Unrequited Airline Love

heartsOf course all of this news would just happen to drop on a very busy day. I’ve been wanting to write about it all morning, but I’m just getting some time now.

So, what news, you ask? Well, I’d argue that it’s not much news at all. The news is …

Now You Can Go to Iraq for Fun!

Having trouble finding a reliable way to get to Iraq these days? Well, fret no more. Austrian Airlines is here to help.

Yesterday (December 11) marked the beginning of Austrian’s twice weekly service between Vienna and Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The flights are operated by Airbus A319
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