Baby Served Well Done


babybinIf it’s December, it’s time for the infrequent travelers to come out of the woodwork and make their annual pilgrimmages home for the holidays. Flying can be a tough things these days even for those who know what they’re going, but for those who don’t, it’s really intimidating.

LAX found a great example on Saturday when a woman thought that she should run her grandchild through the x-ray machine.

Oh yeah, I’m not kidding. The screener saw the child right away and yanked the bin out of the machine. After investigating, they say the baby didn’t receive more than a normal level of radiation for a single day, so the family was allowed to continue on to Mexico City as scheduled.

So for those other inexperienced travelers getting ready to fly, please remember that no babies are allowed in the x-ray machine. [queue NBC’s “The More You Know” public service announcement music]

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