Alitalia Strikes Again

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alitaliaYou’d think I’d be over this whole “Alitalia sucks” thing by now, but I just can’t get beyond it. It’s been at least a few weeks since Alitalia’s last strike, so you knew that it would be time for another one, especially with the holidays coming up.

According to their Italian site, Friday is going to be a bad day to fly. I’m not sure which workgroup is striking, but the airline is pre-emptively canceling a long list of flights that day including the Milan – Chicago, Newark, and Toronto. The rest of the cancellations appear to be in Europe and Northern Africa.

The page also says, only in Italian, that cancellations are possible on Saturday as well. If you’re flying Alitalia, make sure you check the site for detailed info. Oh, and smack yourself for buying a ticket on those guys in the first place.

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