Cranky on the Web (July 6-9)

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keep track of your miles in style –
The AntiBride liked my previous post about AwardWallet, so I tweaked it and put it up for the wedding crowd.

Pinnacle Acquires Mesaba — and Can’t Wait to Erase the Tarnished Colgan BrandBNET
Delta sold off two subsidiaries last week. The first is Compass, and that’s not a surprise.

Trans States Wants to Join the Big Leagues of Regional AirlinesBNET
And here’s the other sell-off, which was a much bigger surprise. Trans States buys Compass?!

Bad News: United, Continental Merger Already Seeing Pilot UnrestBNET
That didn’t take long. The pilots and management are already fighting at the merging airlines.

Spring Thaw: American’s Pilots Turn Toward Reconciliation with ManagementBNET
More pilot fun! American’s pilots are looking to talk to management again. It’s a change for the better.

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