Monthly Archives: January 2015

Topic of the Week: Your Comments on the Blog

This week’s topic is more administrative than usual, because I want to get a better understand of how you’re commenting here on the blog. Comments are really important and I think there tends to be great discussion on this site. Though there is the occasional comment deletion necessary, I’ve had …

Will Airline Pricing Decline With Fuel Prices? (Ask Cranky)

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately, so I figured it was time to address it.

With oil prices plummeting, I wonder what will be happening to YQ surcharges. Mostly Ask Crankycalled international surcharge but sometimes more accurately fuel surcharge, the current drop in fuel costs should have effect. Since

Alitalia’s Turnaround Plan Looks Very Familiar

On January 1st of this year, Alitalia officially became a “new” Alitalia with partial ownership by Etihad. Does this mean Alitalia is no longer the worst airline in the world? Oh please. Sure, Etihad was quick to bring some of its own people to work on the Alitalia project, and …

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