Cranky on the Web – The Ontario Airport Feud Continues, More

ONT - Ontario

Ontario-LA feud over ONT airport reveals limits to regional planningInland Valley Daily Bulleting
The saga with Ontario Airport continues, and I was interviewed for this piece. This is a lengthy article looking at a variety of topics around Ontario’s effort to take control back from LA World Airports.

In the Trenches: Being Open to ChangeSmall Business Center
I had a good conversation with a partner last week, and it resulted in ways we could improve what we do.

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2 comments on “Cranky on the Web – The Ontario Airport Feud Continues, More

  1. Sounds like LAWA wants to keep ONT from growing so the bulk of money that comes in goes to LAX and the surrounding area. After all there is no shortage of people or businesses in the Ontario area that can benefit from ONT growing. LAX just doesn’t want to have ONT as a major competitor.

  2. Regarding Ontario, I think LAWA can more likely be accused of benign neglect than any intentional harm to the airport. It makes me think of the saying “never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.”

    The reality is that LAX, BUR and SNA more conveniently located for the vast majority of the residents (especially higher income areas), businesses and tourist destinations. Those airports generally also have more ground transportation options. ONT simply doesn’t have a lot to offer so long as LAX isn’t out of room.

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