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For Fliers, Mixed Impact SeenWall Street Journal
The articles have been flying fast and furious this week regarding the United/Continental merger. I was quoted in this one.

United-Continental Merger: A Good Fit (If It Happens), but Cleveland Won’t Like ItBNET
It’s merger time and now it’s time to start picking off the winners and losers. Let’s start here with the cities at risk.

The Mike Siegel Show (radio – MP3 file)Business Talk Radio Network
I spent more than half an hour talking with Mike Siegel about the proposed Continental/United merger and about Cranky Concierge (starts at the 18 minute mark).

United-Continental Merger: Will Regulators Approve? They ShouldBNET
Everyone wants to know if this will get federal approval. It should.

united and continental get
Writing for a wedding site, I couldn’t resist drawing parallels between a wedding and a merger.

Slot Swap Ruling Demonstrates Hostile Washington Climate for AirlinesBNET
Now that the final order has been issued on the Delta/US Airways slot swap, we might have a window into how things will go for United/Continental.

Why the Volcano Airspace Shutdown Was Actually an OverreactionBNET
At the Phoenix symposium, I had the chance to hear BA CEO Willie Walsh go on a rant about why the airspace shouldn’t have been closed. I find myself starting to agree.

Why Japan is the Most Interesting Aviation Market in the WorldBNET
It’s incredible when you think about all the changes happening in Japan right now. I spoke with ANA’s Director of International and Regulatory Affairs about the challenges ahead.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (May 2 – 7)

  1. LOL, I was in Mexico this week…….they’re jumping the gun……on the departure gate sign, they had it flashing……United/Continental, already.

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