3 Links I Love: An Oscar Profile, Herb Looks Back, Alaska Reunion

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This week’s featured link:
How United’s Oscar Munoz Bounced Back After a Heart TransplantFortune
Hers a good, long look at what Oscar has been through, and what he’s done at United. It’s well worth the read. If you can’t get enough of Oscar, then you’re in luck. I’m sitting down with him next week.

Links I Love

Two for the road:
Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher“How I Built This” podcast from NPR
I’ll admit I haven’t listened to this 35 minute podcast yet, but I will. And I’m sure it will interest you all as well.

Heroes in the aisles: Flight attendant meets girl she saved 25 years agoAlaska Airlines Blog
How about a heartwarming story to go with this Thanksgiving weekend? This one fits the bill.

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5 comments on “3 Links I Love: An Oscar Profile, Herb Looks Back, Alaska Reunion

  1. Great piece on Oscar Munoz. Since he took over, the morale, the performance and the commitment United has made to its business customers has been unbelievably better. He has made an incredible difference, which has been seen on almost every United flight I’ve been on since Commander Jeff left.

  2. Me Munoz is an easy guy to root for. It’s the quintessential American success story. May his good health continue.

    I heard the doctors tried some sort of heart procedure on smisek. They failed because they couldn’t find it.

  3. I came across that article on Oscar Munoz last weekend, while preparing to fly United SF-ICN. Very insightful.

    I know you’ve said the podcasts are over, but it’d be great if your sit down with Oscar made its way to a podcast.

    1. USBT – Podcasts aren’t over! I’m just going back to regular Tuesday posts. I’m still trying to figure out how the podcast fits in.

  4. nice article about Oscar Munez/.. a local guy from jax(where we live and have children his kids age!!!) good to see he is doing so well!!dOTTI

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