MAXjet Returns . . . Sort Of


Yes, it’s true. A reader alerted me to the fact that, as the website says, “MAX is back.” Don’t get too excited though. 08_04_17 maxjetbackThe airline is coming back as a charter carrier focused on NCAA sports travel, so you probably won’t have much of an opportunity to fly them.

Weird, huh? Apparently, the airline has been bought by NCA Sports Group, a company which wants to provide bus and air transportation for college sports. On their website, they say that they will be starting University Airlines with A320s and CRJ-700s. Well, now they own a fleet of fancy 767-200s with all business class, so their plans have apparently changed.

So, if you see a MAXjet plane at your local airport, you’re not going crazy. There’s probably just some college team in town on a very nice charter aircraft.

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3 comments on “MAXjet Returns . . . Sort Of

  1. B767 can’t make money flying college teams around. Few teams can afford the bird, and you can’t get enough block hours per month on this kind of flying to overcome its costs.

    When they say they’re going to fly sports teams, they’re really saying. Charter us, please! Anybody! I expect they’ll go for flying ACMI subservices for Latin American carriers on international routes (first/coach mix.)=. That’s were I’d look for business first with these birds.

  2. This venture is doomed from the start. If the pitiful unknowledged original MAXjet management team wasn’t sophomoric enough, now MORE airline ingenues are going to find out why two very, VERY worn 2nd generation 767-200’s are going to be a literal albatross around their necks.

    The funny thing is, they plan on pandering themselves as a “luxury charter” anyone who has ever flown MAXjet knows they were nice, but far from luxurious.

    Besides they have really bad karma, that’s going to pass right over to the new owners. :-)

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