Random Bits of Info – Endangered Species Edition

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It’s been a long time since I put one of these together, 07_12_11 endangeredbut there were so many, well, random bits of info around that I decided to do it this way today. Unfortunately, most of the news is bad today as some routes and even some airlines becomes endangered species.

It would be nice to have some happier news, but, well, at least I’ve tried to end on a high note at the bottom. Just be glad you aren’t stuck in the ice storms in the middle of the country. (If you are stuck in those storms, well, um, I’ve got nothing.)

  • Delta’s LAX Hub – Looks like Delta is pulling down some LAX flying. Just after the new year, nonstops to Columbus, Jacksonville, Raleigh/Durham and more disappear. Sure, some of them seem to come back in a few months, but I wouldn’t put money down on that staying put. Interesting that Skybus flies from Columbus and Greensboro to the LA Area. I’m not convinced these are connected, but it could very well be the straw that broke the camel’s back. More likely, Delta’s realizing that LAX isn’t working for them as well as they’d hoped.

  • United’s Intra-LA Basin Flying – There’s nothing more fun for an airline/LA dork than flying from Ontario or Orange County to LAX. I’ve flown the latter, and it’s a great ride. You depart Orange County to the south and then make a big backwards “S” before landing at LAX shortly after departing. Sadly, those days are numbered as both routes get the axe from United. Those little Brasilias are going to be phased out, and these short hauls had to get the axe first, especially with fuel prices where they are.

  • Icelandair’s Home in North America – Icelandair may still have their US headquarters outside of Baltimore for now, but as of early January, they will no longer actually FLY to Baltimore. In my college days, my friends and I took a far-too-cheap Spring Break trip from BWI to Glasgow for 3 nights and then Reykjavik for three nights. Why was it cheap? Um. Iceland in March? Exactly. The flights were great, but the hostel that doubled as a homeless shelter left much to be desired. BWI will miss you, Icelandair.

  • MAXjet – We knew MAXjet was losing a bunch of money, but the recent request to have shares suspended from trading made the situation seem much more dire. Mark over at Upgrade: Travel Better has good coverage of this. Hopefully they’ll keep going . . . I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

  • Emirates Across the Pond – Those Dubai runs may be working well for Emirates (check out Towers and Tarmacs’ coverage of the Houston inaugural), but apparently that one run from New York that goes through Hamburg is getting killed. Don’t worry. The few of you who want to go from New York to Hamburg can still fly from Newark on Continental.

See, lots of doom and gloom. Let’s try to end on a happier note. Delta put out their latest in their Planeguage video series, and this is a great one. Every time I get an empty middle on a full flight, it does seem like divine intervention. Though sadly, the first question I had after watching this video was, “How did they get all those wrapped presents past the TSA?!” Enjoy.

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6 comments on “Random Bits of Info – Endangered Species Edition

  1. I must admit, I am addicted to Planeguage. That stuff is hilarious. I find myself waiting impatiently for each new one to come out! Whoever thought of that is pure creative genius.

  2. Is the Intra-LA endangerment going to extend to flights from Carlsbad (palomar) to LA as well? Seems like United is the main operator there, so it wouldn’t make much sense…

  3. Carlsbad is still in the system at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go eventually. If the Brasilias are phased out, they’ll need to find another small prop, because I believe RJs can’t fly there.

  4. Thanks. You are right on the RJ’s not being able to fly there. From what I’ve been told, the runway is not long enough for them. I’d imagine that they will have to find another small prop, since they just started upgrading their trailer, I mean “terminal” before Thanksgiving. I would hate to see service there phased out. Living in northern SD county, you can’t beat that airport for convenience.

  5. Wow that Delta thing has it down to a t.
    Sometimes I’m left with an empty seat next to me until the very last moment when some drunk (late boarding beacuse he only just made it from the bar) jumps on board and takes up the seat more often than not!

  6. RE: Short hops. Also a nice benefit for miles collectors (or miles runners) is getting a full 500 miles (on UAL I believe) for that 35 mile hop. RT trip nets you 1,000 extra for what amounts to an aerial shuttle van ride up the 405.

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