Super Net Worth at the Super Bowl

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A friend forwarded on a blog post with a link to this picture of all the corporate jets leaving the Super Bowl on Monday morning.


Now that is a lot of jet action. Just think of all the money that was concentrated in South Florida over the weekend.

Not personal enough for you? Well let’s dig in. Thanks to this thread in the FlightAware discussion forums, we can follow the aircraft of some celebrities while we’re at it.

Troy Aikman’s personal jet flew him in on Thursday, but he returned to Addison (Texas) Sunday at noon, before the game even started.

Kenny Chesney came to town on Saturday morning and went back to Nashville Monday afternoon.

And Magic Johnson dropped in Friday afternoon heading back home to Van Nuys (near LA) late at night on Sunday.

travolta707By the way, you can follow all these celebrities through FlightAware. Just keep watching those tail numbers. The most fun to watch in person is John Travolta’s personal 707 that he flies himself. The registration is N707JT.

He was apparently also in town for the game, arriving Friday afternoon and heading out Monday evening. He’s hanging out in Boston now, so head on over to Logan airport and you can see a beautiful 707 in old Qantas colors.

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