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For my daughter’s second birthday, we decided to take the whole family out to see my in-laws in North Carolina. Their place is in a fairly remote area that’s about 45 minutes south of Wilmington, an hour north of Myrtle Beach, or just shy of three hours from Raleigh/Durham. Having played the connecting game with little kids before, we decided it was a bad plan to go into Wilmington. Instead, we opted for Raleigh/Durham on the nonstop from LAX. I expect this was my last trip on US Airways before the name officially disappears in October.

LAX Baggage Line US Airways

When I flew to Raleigh last November, American still had 737-800s on the route, and it was not doing well. So to try to stem the losses, they switched this route to be on a US Airways A319 with a lot fewer seats. Good plan. This also worked really well for me, because my very last companion certificate from the US Airways credit card would get me 2 companions for cheap. My wife and I paid $578.20 per person, but the kids? They were only $127.20 each. We booked this back in May.

The day arrived, and I was dreading this. You might remember that flying with my kids has not always been the easiest thing. We had filled up a carry-on with toys, food, and iPads to keep them at bay for the 4+ hour flight, and things started off well. We parked the car at Quikpark as usual (those online rates have gone WAY up), and took the shuttle over to Terminal 6 where we checked our bags quickly.

The security setup is really strange. They have someone standing at the bottom of the escalator regulating who can go upstairs. This isn’t the document check, and they don’t care if you’re elite or if you have Pre Check. You just wait. Once through, then you go upstairs to another person who points you toward Pre Check or other lines. We went in the Pre Check line and that’s where the document checker was.

LAX Terminal 6 Under Construction

Like every friggin’ terminal at LAX, Terminal 6 is a mess. The concessions in the neck of the terminal, where US Airways flies, are still a work in progress. Bathrooms require going into the rotunda area (where Alaska is) and there’s a ton of work being done there as well. It’s pretty terrible and very crowded. I was more than happy when the time came to board.

July 24, 2015
US Airways 699 Lv Los Angeles 1020a Arr Raleigh/Durham 625p
Los Angeles (LAX): Gate 61, Runway 25R, Depart 1m Early
Raleigh/Durham (RDU): Gate D11, Runway 5L, Arrive 17m Early
N825AW, Airbus A319-132, American gray colors, ~95% Full
Seat 15E, Coach
Flight Time 4h25m

This former America West airplane had already been painted in American’s colors, but it looked like US Airways on the inside. I’ll miss when they move these airplanes to the torture-chamber American A319 configuration. This was way more comfortable.

My son decided he wanted to sit with mom, and I was fine with that. He keeps closing the window shade every time, so it would have come to blows between us quickly. I sat with my 2 year-old daughter, who didn’t care about the window but REALLY didn’t want to put her CARES harness on.

Once I got her settled in, the airplane was nearly boarded and ready to go. We had a short taxi and were soon airborne on our way to Raleigh. This flight was a complete dream. Our son is finally at an age where the iPad is like baby crack.

iPad is My Hero

He watched it the entire way (and I’m proud to say I didn’t try to stop it). My daughter, however, well she’s not there yet. She was much more fidgety, though it was still manageable. It helped that my seatmate on the aisle was about to become a grandmother and loved talking to my daughter. It also helped to have a strategically-placed Sofia the First doll available at all times.

Sofia the First

We had a nice ride until about Arkansas when the bumps picked up and the seatbelt sign came on for the duration. My daughter did not like that. But I bribed her with cookies, and that seemed to work. Soon we were on the ground, and I couldn’t believe what a nice and easy ride it had been. My relief immediately soured once I remembered that we had a 3 hour drive ahead of us. But hey, at least if they got out of hand, we could pull the car over. And nobody else would be inconvenienced. (We did have to stop several times.)

The week went by quickly, and on Thursday, we drove back up to Raleigh/Durham so we could stay at an airport hotel for the night and be ready for our insanely early wake-up. More importantly, it gave me the chance to go see an old buddy of mine.

RDU Terrible Check In Lines US Airways

My wife and I woke up at 5, showered, threw the kids into clothes, and pointed the rental car toward the airport. We were in the terminal by 550a, which I thought was pretty impressive. Unfortunately, we were greeted with chaos. The US Airways check in area was a mess. There were three banks of kiosks for people to use to check in, but there was only one line for them. Then one of the lines broke off, and another group of people just started an end-run to the other side. There was nobody from US Airways guiding or policing any of this and it was terrible.

We found ourselves in the splinter line and got to the kiosk around 605a, but the kiosks fed into two separate lines to get to the ticket counter to drop the bags. We waited. And waited. There was one group that stood at the counter the entire time we were there. Meanwhile, the other agent who was working our line just decided to start calling people from the other line instead (despite them having 2 agents of their own). Someone with a vest on that said “manager” told her she was calling from the wrong line. She ignored him, and he just sort of threw up his hands. Once she finished helping the next person, she walked away and the manager stepped in.

He was good, and got people processed quickly. Our bag tags were printed and put on our bags right around 615 or 620a. Then we finally got out of the mess and made it to security.

Security lines were fairly long, even for people with Pre Check, but it moved quickly, and we were soon on the way to the gate. The agent was just beginning boarding announcements when we got there.

July 31, 2015
US Airways 569 Lv Raleigh/Durham 7a Arr Los Angeles 928a
Raleigh/Durham (RDU): Gate D10, Runway 5L, Depart 5m Late
Los Angeles (LAX): Gate 61, Runway 25L, Arrive 11m Early
N747UW, Airbus A319-112, Final US Airways colors, ~85% Full
Seat 13E, Coach
Flight Time 4h47m

We boarded and were surprised to see a very empty airplane. My wife said she overhead the gate agent saying that they were going to close the door in a couple minutes and were still missing 22 people. Clearly this terrible baggage problem had impacted many others.

That’s why we ended up taking a 5 minute departure delay. People kept boarding until the plane was actually pretty full. My wife did end up with an empty seat next to her, however, which was a nice bonus.

Once we were in our seats and strapped in, I realized just how tired I was. I couldn’t keep my eyes open while we waited. Even when we were taxiing, I was out of it. We got into the air and headed toward LA via a southerly route.

The flight attendants were great and very friendly on this flight. The kids? Not so much. They were fussy. And though they did nod off in the beginning, we were in a row where the PA system was unusually loud. So anytime an announcement was made, they would jump.

This trip was more like the other trips we’ve taken where it felt like we were trying to ride a bucking bronco. The kids did not want to be contained, and they were happy to let everyone know it. At first, my daughter was livid at having to keep her seatbelt on. (The sign didn’t come off until we were well into Tennessee. But nothing would keep her attention. Once the sign went off, she climbed back to her mom a couple times and hung out back there, but nothing really lasted for long.

Looking Out the Window

After trying toys, food, and more, my daughter finally passed out somewhere around El Paso. That was good, because even though we veered far south to avoid a massive storm in the panhandle, we still had a little weather which brought the seatbelt sign back on. She stayed sleeping until that stupid credit card-hawking announcement jolted her awake. She wasn’t happy, but she was distracted by a new sticker book. Whew, crisis averted.

We started our slow descent (the pilots said we’d been slowed down due to the runway construction at LAX) and came through a thick marine layer before landing a little early. We got off that airplane as fast as we could.

Other than the experience with bags in Raleigh, US Airways did a good job here. The flight attendants were friendly and attentive. The flights were on time. Not much more I can ask for (except for a slight depressurization to get my kids to sleep a little more). But honestly, very little of this was US Airways. Other than the flight attendant uniforms, most things say American now. It should be a pretty easy thing to flip the switch in October when the US Airways name goes away for good.

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21 comments on “My Last Trip on US Airways (Trip Report)

  1. Usually the RDU Terminal 2 is better staffed and organized… it’s a shame too, because it’s a really nice facility. To the left as you come out of security and down a few gates is a marvelous used book store that I make a point to visit every time I fly out of there.

    And unlike certain other airports *cough* SJC *cough* LAX *cough* JFK *cough* ATL, we know how to build a terminal. Only $570M for 36 gates worth of very nice facility, on-time and on-budget, and a CPE of $6.30, as of last year. (Not bargain-basement, but not bad for a mid-sized non-hub.)

    1. I concur that RDU is a very nice airport. I’ve also found the pre-check line there moves faster than anywhere else I’ve been. It is confusing somewhat as it’s signed poorly and looks like a crew only entry. At least it was a month ago or so.

  2. US Airways ran a pretty good operation even though their complaints were rather high and their product barebone. I was happy flying US Airways and it’s sad to see their operation performance being pulled down by AA. I think Doug and Co. will eventually turn the whole operation around. Nice post Cranky.

  3. Living in Philadelphia I’m dreading the reconfiguration of the US Airways planes. The current aircraft are some of the most comfortable in coach.
    Oh well – that’s the airline biz!

  4. I concur on the US A319 configuration being very comfortable (I’m 6′ 6″, so that’s saying something). I was pretty bummed to read that the US 319’s are all going to be re-configured in the AA A319 configuration, which based on everyone I’ve spoken to, is an extremely uncomfortable aircraft considering the long routes it often is plying for AA (DFW-BOG). It will be interesting to see what Parker and company do about re-configuring the 321 and 320s that US has. The new AA A321Bs are an extremely comfortable aircraft and I preferentially book them over an AA 738 whenever possible. I’m really hoping that they can add in some Main Cabin Extra seats on the US airbus’ without killing seat pitch for the rest of Y…

    1. Sfitzgerald86 – The A320s aren’t getting reconfigured, though that fleet has been shrinking. Still, that’s the airplane to fly. I don’t recall hearing the final plans for the A321, but I don’t think it’s going to match AA exactly. I could be wrong on that.

  5. Just flew the new AA A319 AUS-LAX-AUS in coach. Not a comfortable plane, least favorite plane in the AA stable. I would rather fly a Mad Dog than get stuck on one of these planes again. Get to fly one last US flight AUS-PHL next week.

  6. As an elite flier on AA (not always a fan but have the status) doing regular runs from ORD to PHL (where USAirways dominates), the USAirways experience is definitely NOT the same.

    1. No complimentary upgrades for AA fliers
    2. Require to pay for more premium seats (no charge for these things for elite on UA or AA)
    3. Cannot fly standby on AA flight if you booked on USAirways flight (even on the same route and booked thru AA). Recently had an issue with flight delay from PHL to ORD. Earlier flight was on time and had room but because it was AA, I was not able to go on this flight unless I paid $400 one way ticket. So instead suffered a 2 hour delay on my USAirways flight
    4. Annoying credit card announcments

    Not that dissimilar to the experience for elite flyers when UA and Continental merged but still a real pain, especially on routes where I cannot avoid flying on USAirways.

  7. Yay for you for using CARES! It’s a terrific invention, and it saves having to schlep a bulky car seat through the airport. Wish more parents were aware of and used it.

  8. I worked for Allegheny Airlines for 4 years. I left just before they changed the name of the Airline to US Air. This was reported in the newspaper before it happened and we all laughed at it. It then changed the name years later to USAirways.

    While I was at Allegheny, it improved its image (from Agony Airlines) to a competent airline (due to going from Convair props and BAC 1-11s to DC-9s).

  9. Wonderful trip report. Nobody does it better.

    I always wonder how people I’m sure have lots of things going on their head, can remember all the wonderful, and of course the awful details of a trip, organize them, and write them up so well. Well done!

  10. Holden Beach?? Ocean Isle?? Sunset Beach??
    GREAT family beaches….wish WN would do seasonal service to MYR….we would clean up!

    1. Dan A – This was actually in St James which is right next to the awesome Oak Island. (St James is just an overgrown golf/retirement community, so it’s not fun at all.)

      1. I knew you must have been somewhere out in Brunswick county. I work for a health system that has some clinics that way. I had to drive from home here in CLT to there. Then drive to RDU for some other business and back to CLT. I know on that drive to/from RDU that there isn’t much to look at. But Brunswick county is NCs little secret. It’s a great place to get away from it all. Thanks for the trip report. My son is 3 and our trick has been the Kindle Fire Kids edition.

  11. Interesting that your kids prefer the car to the plane. With my little guys it’s better to fly (and connect) all day rather than drive a few hours.

    An LAX question for you: We are connecting from Alaska (terminal 6) to American (terminal 4) next week with a 2+ hour layover. Is the only play area in the TBIT? What are my options?

    1. Jimmy – Yep, no play area in T4/5/6/7/8 (all of which are now connected behind security) as far as I know. I’d suggest just leaving in the crazy long hallway between T4 and T5 and let them go nuts. There’s nothing they can break down there and it’s empty.

  12. I do a fair business with T7 and T8, but used to hang out in the old President’s Club in T6 when stuck in LA and vastly preferred it to the RCC pre and during merger, and was sad when it closed… Anyway, I had only ventured down to T6 once since UA vacated to see if there was anything edible there better than the Wolfgang Puck in T7, saw the construction, and turned around… Until Wednesday that is when I ended up on my one AK flight every couple of years to get to Seattle. T6 is indeed a total construction mess. The mitigating factor is that no rational person would expect LAX to be a pleasant experience, but that security line is really bizarre (and PreCheck was closed when I went through, making the experience even weirder with like three people looking at and scanning my boarding pass before the TSA for no apparent reason).

    When mine were that small, we just loaded them in their car seats in the plane. That way they were in the five point harness and couldn’t really do anything else, but also didn’t expect to since they basically knew what was going on with that.

  13. I paid for a choice seat on flight 1907, 6d. I checked in an have a boarding pass with that seat assignment. While boarding they changed my seat to 20d. When I complained, I was told to call customer service.

    I will not be calling customer service just like I e I’ll not be flying usair. I’m done, last straw. I’m using my points and moving fully to u,ited and southwest.

    Good by AS.


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