Monthly Archives: March 2014

Winning and Losing Airports in the Washington/National Slot Shuffle

Washington’s National Airport is, to put it mildly, a highly desirable place to fly. It is mere minutes from downtown Washington and is the preferred airport for many a businessperson and politician. It is also slot-restricted, so rarely do airlines have the opportunity to improve their standing. Recently, however, there …

Is It Better to Buy Old Airplanes or New Ones? (Ask Cranky)

Why don’t we start the week with a reader question. This one actually came in awhile back, but the question is most definitely still relevant.

I was wondering if you had ever done a column comparing the business strategy of United vs Delta, specifically United’s approach to buying new more

go! shuts! down!

The only jet competitor to Hawaiian Airlines flying between the islands, go!, shuts down next week. This cements Hawaiian’s near-monopoly in the interisland market for now, yet you don’t hear a lot of people complaining. go! takes a lot of bad-will with it as it flees back to the mainland.…

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