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Some feel blue as United, Continental wedding mixes old, newChicago Tribune
The Trib looks at the United/Continental branding efforts, and I chime in with why I’m not a fan of what I’ve seen so far.

American’s Express Seats: How Not to Introduce New Fees to CustomersBNET Headwinds
American has a new fee, and while it could be relatively straightforward, the way American released it was anything but.

US Airways Positions Itself as a Takeover Target with New York MovesBNET Headwinds
The US Airways build-up in New York seems goofy, but it could actually be a smart play to get itself bought.

Passengers shocked by new touchy-feely TSA screeningBoston Herald
I didn’t even know that the TSA was tightening its screening process until I was contacted for this article. Sounds like a cheap way to get felt up to me.

Hmm. Alaska Air Group May Be Looking to Sell Horizon AirBNET Headwinds
Horizon Air has changed its business model, and that has me wondering if Alaska is looking to sell.

Mammoth Mountain Lures United to Bring Bay Area Folks to SkiBNET Headwinds
Another small town getting new air service. But this one makes more sense than many.

American Mechanics Shoot Down Tentative Agreement, Move Closer to StrikeBNET Headwinds
Unsurprisingly, American’s mechanics voted against the tentative agreement that had been presented. They’re moving toward a strike, but I doubt they’ll ever get there.

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3 comments on “Cranky on the Web (August 21-27)

  1. Been a long time since Mammoth has service from Trans World Express flying twice daily LAX-Mammoth-Lake Tahoe-SFO (TVL-SFO-TVL has 3x flights). When the winter weather was bad, the flights had to fly into Bishop and were bused to/from Mammoth.

    1. Nah, not just to get them, but US Airways has a lot going for it. National is a goldmine and Charlotte is the only other decent Southeastern hub (Miami counts as Caribbean as far as I’m concerned). Oh, and Philly is a great place to hub as well. LaGuardia, however, just makes it more attractive, especially as New York turns into more of a battleground.

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