Monthly Archives: February 2010

Only Two Airlines Left Flying a Douglas Widebody Commercially

This week Finnair KLM MD-11 PH-KCD Florence Nightingaleretired its last MD-11 airplane with a flight from Delhi to Bangkok. With that retirement, only KLM is still operating an MD-11 commercially. In fact, there are only two airlines operating any Douglas widebody commercially anywhere in the world. Biman Bangladesh still flies a couple DC-10s around. …

Entire European Continent Goes on Strike

Ah, spring. The days become longer, the temps get warmer, and, apparently, it’s a great time for airline strikes. Lufthansa pilots just struck for a day and postponed the rest for later. Meanwhile, British Airways is on deck as the French air traffic controllers wreak havoc in their own country. …

St Louis: The Incredible Shrinking Airport

Lambert-St Louis International Airport is a hub without an airline. It has been struggling with the dramatic drop in traffic since TWA went under and American slowly culled the remains, and now it’s trying to reconfigure itself to be a smaller airport. That’s not something you see very often.

Just …

Why Do Two Flights Cost Less Than One? (Ask Cranky)

It’s time for another episode of Ask Cranky. I’ve received this question in many different forms ever since my days doing airline pricing, so I thought now would be a good time to answer it.

Why is it cheaper for me to fly from Fairbanks, Alaska to Denver than it

Airline Schedule Padding Isn’t Cheating

There are plenty of people out there who think the airlines are trying to “cheat” when they pad their flight schedules to account for delays, but I don’t get it. That is not what’s going on here. What they’re really doing is trying to delicately balance operational efficiency and customer …

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