Cranky on the Web (February 22 – 26)

First Class is Disappearing in Name OnlyBNET
Qantas is the latest to reduce First Class onboard, but it’s not really going away. It’s just changing names.

Premium Air Traffic Surpasses Previous Year for First Time Since 2008BNET
Yes, it’s true. More premium passengers flew in December than in last December. Granted, they were paying 20% less . . .

Airline Labor Unrest – Is This Catchy?IAG Podcast
I sit down with Addison Schonland to talk strikes.

American and United Switch to Small Planes for Big RoutesBNET
American is shifting its 70 seaters to compete with United’s 70 seaters. Go figure.

End of the Affair: Are American and Alaska Set to Compete?BNET
It’s only one little route addition, but I tend to think it could mean big things.

High Speed Rail May Hurt Airports, But How Much?BNET
High speed rail is coming to California, and the aviation world is gearing up to fight it. Boo, I say.

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I agree that the airlines should give their products more sensible names. A few years ago I encountered a confused elderly British couple at LHR Terminal 4, who weren’t able to find the check-in lanes for British Airways economy. I pointed them to the World Traveller lanes, which occupied more than half the terminal. Their response: we’re not world travellers, we’re flying economy.

David SF eastbay
David SF eastbay

“”””” Let’s unpeel this onion and see what’s going on.”””””

That was a great line from your high speed rail write up.