This Week on BNET (August 25 – 29)

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United Slow to Address Public Concern Over Paid Meals on International Flights
United made waves by announcing charges for meals on some international flights last week. Unfortunately, their PR efforts weren’t up to the task.

American Offers Wi-fi as a Differentiator
Last week, American enabled wireless internet access on its 767-200s. United better take note or they stand to lose significant share.

Allegiant’s Unique Reverse Enplanement Costs
In an interesting twist, Allegiant is loaning money to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway airport for expansion purposes. This is a very smart move.

Labor Day Means Fall Flight Cuts are Coming
With Labor Day approaching, that means fall schedules go into effect. This year the cuts are very deep, and airlines need to pay close attention.

US Airways’ Scott Kirby Joins the Board of LodgeNet
US Airways President Scott Kirby is now on the LodgeNet board of directors. Could this mean a new inflight entertainment system is in the works?

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1 comment on “This Week on BNET (August 25 – 29)

  1. Allegiant’s loading money to an airport to expand to meet the airlines needs sounds like the old early days of aviation. The original airlines would go in and build an operation in a place where now was. Sounds like a smart move, it’s almost like making the airport their private airport.


    United making a big news release on paying for meals would not have happen as they would have been flooded with bad PR all at once. This way with a ‘leak’ the news is slow to get out and so the bad feedback would be spread out also. The airlines keep saying the public wants to be nickel and dimed for services to keep fares down, but exactly who are these people, I haven’t met any of them. Funny how if you look up fares they don’t reflect UA’s fares being lower then other carriers to make up for not giving free meals. Shouldn’t United’s fare now be lower to reflect that people out of D.C. will pay for a meal to have a lower fare?

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