Judge Rules Northwest Flight Attendants Allowed to Strike

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The ruling just came down today . . . . Northwest flight attendants will be permitted to strike on August 25. The union came out with a release saying that the ball is now in Northwest’s court. If no agreement can be reached, they will being CHAOS (random, unannounced mini-strikes) on that day.

Northwest of course will appeal the decision, and their CEO gave this bland statement:

“While we are disappointed with Judge Gropper’s ruling and will appeal it, we remain committed to continuing to serve our customers professionally and transporting them to their destinations safely and reliably. Our customers can continue to book Northwest with confidence.”

Ok, does that mean you’ve got backup flight attendants ready to go? Probably.

The real question is whether or not they can come to an agreement. At this point, it’s up in the air. It seems like there’s still a pretty big divide, and the membership shot down Northwest’s last, less painful offer, so it’s anybody’s guess right now.

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2 comments on “Judge Rules Northwest Flight Attendants Allowed to Strike

  1. It’s tough to tell at this point.

    My guess is that they will come to some sort of agreement so that the strike is averted. Even if they do strike, it will only be CHAOS. That means it’s random strikes that will only hit parts of the operation.

    So, you have a good shot of being ok.

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