Topic of the Week: Which Airline Had the Best Q4 Results? Worst?

The big US airlines have reported fourth quarter earnings, so now it’s your turn to play financial analyst. Which one had the best results? Which one had the worst? And while we’re at it, what are you predictions for financial performance in 2013?

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Bill Hough

It would be helpful if you provided a summary table of the 4th Quarter earnings results. It seems to be too much work to search all of them out in order to respond to your question.


For you and anyone else who’s interested, courtesy of Terry Maxon at Airline Biz Blog.

I?m going with non GAAP, excluding special items, in which case looking at y-o-y increases (and excluding AMR who is still in the red) I’ll pick the following: winner US Airways: 383.78% increase loser United/Continental: 55.48% decrease bigger [potential] loser – U.S. tax payers While I applaud US Airways, Delta/NWA, and United/Continental on recovering from bankruptcy it looks increasingly likely that tax payers will have to bail out at least part of their pension funds which were turned over to the PBGC: AMR on the other hand filed after changes to the bankruptcy laws leaving them responsible for their… Read more »

They are all pathetic…..I used to work for a couple of them and now they are gone….They were major carriers to


Dont they want to make you vomit Flying aint what it used to be

I would be interested to hear from the handicapped. You might want to see if you can get any input. My husband was handicapped for years. The only airline who treated us with courtesy and respect was SW. Had horrid experiences on other airlines, absolutely rude. So maybe this is not the topic you were interested in but though you might want to get a survey of others in similar conditions. Needless to say, SW got all our money and we simply did not fly other airlines. Also some of the terminal employees need better training. We were grossly inconvenienced… Read more »