Cranky on the Web: American Slashes Sales Again

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American Airlines dismantles its corporate sales divisionTravel Weekly
American just won’t sit still when it comes to its ever-shrinking sales team. The airline has now eliminated some of its higher-ups in the sales org, including Thomas Rajan, the leader of the team itself. Respected veterans Kyle Mabry and Hank Benedetti have “retired” according to a memo put out by the airline. The rest of the sales functions have now been distributed out to a variety of different groups, so there is no centralized sales organization. Instead it falls under Scott Laurence who is in charge of all partnerships including alliance partners, credit card partners, distribution partners, and apparently now corporate and agency partners… it’s a lot of partners to consume his time. I continue to scratch my head.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web: American Slashes Sales Again

  1. Alaska,Delta,Jet Blue,United and maybe even the other airlines will probably scoop up some of those aforementioned former aa
    brainiacs that were unceremoniously pushed out the rear door of an “ oasis project” 737-8
    over Lubbock with a used parachute that’s isn’t Golden

  2. It just looks like AA is betting that the future lies with individual consumers booking directly through airline websites–and that this booking is just a function of price and schedule. As frustrating as this is for businesses like Brett’s, I’m not sure that this is a bad bet.

  3. American and Delta both seem focused on alternative revenue streams. Are they being shortsighted, or do they really a business plan to maximize profits without sacrificing measurable market share?

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