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Cranky on the Web: Taking Advantage of Airline Schedule Changes

Cranky on the Web, Schedule Changes

Cranky on the Web
Taking advantage of airline schedule changes to save moneyAssociated Press
The AP put together a good article about the positive side of airline schedule changes. We continue to find that some of our Cranky Concierge clients benefit greatly from these things. We just had one this week, in fact, where the travelers were using American miles to go London-San Jose-Phoenix. A couple schedule changes made it an illegal (short) connection. Working with American, we found them an option via Dallas/Ft Worth on the American 777-300ER with better business class seats. Those seats weren’t available for miles, but since it was a schedule change, they opened them up. Even better, American refunded the nearly $300 per person in excess BA bogus surcharges when they made the switch. So if you see a schedule change, think about how you can take advantage.

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5 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Taking Advantage of Airline Schedule Changes

  1. surcharges for a flight on non AA metal(ie.) using miles to get from a to b where a segment of your flight is being flown by a partner one-world carrier and the airline AA upcharges the “fee”..for example a flight on an aa 77 might be 40,000 miles one way + 12.50 in fees/taxes on ba it may be 40k + 250…

    fun stuff

    1. You are incorrect. The fee is YQ from BA, which AA passes on for redemptions. Other partners like CX, JL, or QF to name a fee do not get this passed on. Until a certain FF blogger spilled the beans there was a brief period of time that US DM redemptions on BA metal were exempt.

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