Cranky on the Web: Loyalty and American, Emirates Seat Fee

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Cranky on the Web

Loyalty only goes so far as American Airlines, others revamp rewards programsDallas Morning News
This was a broader look at changes in frequent flier programs over the last few years. Since it’s from the Dallas paper, American obviously is front-and-center in this story.

The ‘World’s Best Airline’ Is About to Start Charging to Pick Your
Emirates is going to start charging for assigned seats on the lowest coach fares, showing that even airlines are well-known for customer service as Emirates still find it worth doing. As I noted, it all comes down to economics.

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8 comments on “Cranky on the Web: Loyalty and American, Emirates Seat Fee

  1. The article expressed what I’ve been feeling about AA throughout the year: I didn’t leave American — American left me, after 20 years of nonstop loyalty, 16 of those as Exec Plat. Delta’s marketed me and I’m taking them up on a challenge, but it feels hollow — there’s likely no difference between any of the legacy carriers and certainly no sense of customer service. The thrill is gone.

    1. Delta, was the first to adopt a reward program like this. Then United followed, and finally American.

      So when you go to Delta, know that you’re ironically rewarding the company that flicked the first domino.

      1. American was the first to create a loyalty progam in the modern sense, in the 1980s. Southwest was the first to move to spend-based rewards versus miles flown, in 2011, followed by Delta, then United, then American. If that’s what you mean. And I’m not rewarding anyone but myself now — I’m buying discount first class when it’s reasonable on whichever carrier offers me the best deal. “Best deal” calculations include the potential for upgrades, and having status on both DL and AA (where I’m at least Platinum for life) are factors.

            1. One million makes you Gold for life. It takes 2 million to get Platinum for life.

  2. Hi neighbor. I need help finding flights for a 60th Birthday vacation. I’ve used you before but just didnt know if you still offered travel services?
    Still read and love your posts!

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