Cranky on the Web (September 13-17)

United’s Houston to Aspen Route: A Middle Finger to Its PilotsBNET Headwinds
Man, these BNET guys really like to make those headlines pop. But, well, it’s accurate (especially since I said it in the text). This is not going to help pilot negotiations.

Virgin America Loses Money — Again — When It Should Have ProfitedBNET Headwinds
Q2 numbers are out and Virgin America lost money once again. It didn’t lose much, but these are the best possible conditions around for making money.

Southwest Flight Attendants Agree to Fly Larger Planes — Now For the PilotsBNET Headwinds
Looks like I was wrong. The flight attendants have come to agreement on flying the 737-800. But the pilots are still not settled.

United Agrees to Keep Cleveland Hub, But the Deal Has No TeethBNET Headwinds
United agrees to keep a hub in Cleveland, but I call political shenanigans.

Why Delta Is Banking on Cargo To Amp Up ProfitsBNET Headwinds
Another story from my visit to Delta. This time, it’s all about cargo.

United Air Kiosks, Logos Will Signal Merger’s ProgressBloomberg
I was asked when I would start using a single brand in the United/Continental merger.

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So where does the $15ish million loss from VX come from? It’s not in the press release (though I’m not surprised they buried the lead).


I don’t care what anyone says. Virgin is a great product, BUT they NEED to find a way of making money at it. Burning through your investors cash is still not great. Unless they strive to be a great airline AND non-profit organization they are in serious trouble. Just my view.

Cranky (I’m a bit slow). Are you saying that they actually lost 15 million or only half a million this quarter?

Come on VA lets do it. You can survive!